Saturday, July 9, 2022

Mr. Pancake Turkey by Christopher Francis


Genre: Children's Picture Book

Source: I received a copy from BookBub to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

A really cute picture book about a farmer who is concerned because his turkey won’t plump up. He takes him to the vet, a Zoo and other places. He feeds him extra, yet he still won’t plump up. What is a farmer to do?  After all Thanksgiving is coming and he needs a plump turkey. This was a fun book to read. It begs the question, which is more important, food or a friend?

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Blessed by Kandi J. Wyatt


Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Source:  I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

I thought the first book in this serieswas awesome. This one topped even that one. The book progressed in a way I was not expecting. New bonds are made, an old threat returns. A kingdom must change hands due to a prophecy. At times I sat on the edge of my seat wondering if the character would make it out alive, of a situation the author put them in. This is one of those books you need to set aside time to read because you won't want to stop once you start.  There are many more to come in this series and I can't wait for them to come out. I definitely recommend this book.

I absolutely love the character of Hest. He is honest, yet we see his fear. He is a loyal friend. I love the other characters as well. They are flawed yet well developed. I would never want to read a book where all the characters are perfect. Even in fantasy we want to feel some realism. As I have said before about Kandi's books, her world building is out of this world. I felt I was in this world. I could visualize it. I love her writing about dragons. There is something both beautiful yet terrifying about them. She makes them seem so realistic. 

I have not yet figured out how she creates her own languages for her characters. My most favorite thing about her books is that she brings her faith into it, yet is is not done in a way that is preachy at all. I have not found any of her books that I have not liked. She is a very talented author.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Heroes of the Quest: An Impossible Team by Mirja Camphausen

Genre: Children's Early Reader
Source: I received a copy from the author through StoryOrigin. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Let me start out by addressing the illustrations by Aurora Paulina Kay. This illustrations are absolutely gorgeous. Having great illustrations always helps with the story. It is obvious that this illustrator truly understood the story.

Mirja Camphausen has crafted a wonderful story. She has placed four animals you would not usually throw together into a team who must complete a quest to receive their diploma from the Quest Academy. You have a mouse who has been an outsider at home for so long that he feels that he has to be the master of everything. He sets out to lead this quest. Then you have a giraffe who claims an oracle told her she would be a great adventurer. However, she has no confidence because she can't read. You have a slug who has created a way to be heard. She perserveres eventhough most count her out because she is so slow. This character reminded me of the quote, "slow but steady wins the race." Finally you have Robert. The mouse calls him a pig, yet he describes him as having fur and claws on his feet. You don't find out until the end what kind of animal he really is. 

The story shows that no matter what our flaws are, we can overcome anything if we put our all into it. It also demonstrates that we can't judge people based only on their flaws. It shows redeeming qualities in each of these characters. I have already sent an email to our media specialist recommending this book for our school.  I highly recommended this book to schools and parents.