My Book

My book Steps to Courage is available on Amazon.
 Here is an expanded description of my book.

Trina Lacy is passionate about Angel Hope, a service that she once relied on to get her through one of the toughest times in her life.  Required to complete community service hours for graduation she proposes a charity fundraiser held at Windows on the World, in New York City’s Twin Towers.  She is joined in
this venture by her ex-boyfriend Lucas James.  He is hoping to use this not only for his required hours, but to mend the broken relationship with Trina.  Mark Jacobs volunteers for the project out of guilt.  He has been carrying around the guilt of playing a major role in his parent’s death.  He hopes to find a way to forgive himself. 
They meet at the Twin Towers on 9-11 to divide and conquer.  None of them expected terrorists to fly planes into the Towers.  Each of them is a survivor of a horrific tragedy from their past and, now they must face escaping the burning towers with all the odds stacked against them.  How will they survive this ordeal when each of them feels guilty at having survived in the first place.

Steps to Courage