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Sunday, December 12, 2021

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


I am reviewing a book on here because I have read it in three different languages and I am once again sharing it with my students. It is one of my all-time favorite books. I first read this book in my French class in my freshman year of high school. We moved to Florida the next year and I read it in my Spanish class. I read it the next year in English. 

No story has stood the test of time and is still as relevant today as it was when first written. This is a story of a little prince who leaves his planet, (an asteroid) and visits several other asteroids before finally landing on earth. What he learns from each of the men on those other asteroids is relevant today. We hear the phrase from each of the men on the planets he visits say they are concerned "with matters of consequence".  What is important is the question the prince must ask himself about what is important. He sees these adults as self-consumed and concerned with things that are vain and empty. It was important for me to share this wonderful book with my students, since these are things that must be discussed today.  A wonderful allegorical book that is full of wisdom. This book should be required reading in every middle or high school. There are so many lessons to be learned throughout the book. It is told in a manner that may be a little difficult to understand. This is great because it makes such wonderful discussions in the class. 

You may be wondering why I am speaking of this as a book for the classroom. To be clear, my blog was started years ago when I came to my current school. My husband suggested since I was teaching reading and students who were learning English at different levels that maybe I should start a blog where I talk about books. My students didn't seem to know how to find a good book. They were poor readers and so it was too much effort to try to sort that all out. My students AND parents are given my website and blog address at the beginning of the year. This way they can look for books for their children. So when I find a book this important for my students I believe it is just as important for the general public. So I offer this review with no apologies.