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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Student Saturday: Dead Lake by Darcy Coates


Genre: Adult, Horror, Suspense
Student Reviewer: Franklin G.

Sam, a young artist, got an invitation for her art to be shown at the Heritage Gallery, which was a huge deal for her. But her mom sadly passed away shortly after, so for the next few months, instead of preparing artwork for the gallery, she forgot about it completely until about a week before it was happening. Sam's uncle let her stay in his cabin, which was completely off the grid, and only a few people knew about it. As she was there, she thought she was alone. Her uncle wasn't there, but there was no cell reception, and there wasn't anyone for a few miles. Then she started painting these strange images in her sleep. These images were of a man, and he looked strange, but she slowly realized that the man had been watching her and started to attack her. He would sit and look over the dock and watch her from the woods. These woods had always had disappearances, and it turned out he was the one killing them, and Sam was in grave danger. She had met a ranger from a nearby park and wanted his help, but things went from bad to worse the longer she stayed at the cabin. What happened to Sam and the ranger? Did the strange man kill them? Did Sam's art go to the gallery? 

I loved this book, and I thought it was great. It is a shorter read and Darcy Coates put two other short stories in the back. This story, though was great. I love the action and the mystery, but most of all I like the little horror details in the story. This is a great book if you like mystery combined with horror and action. I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of 10 because this book might be scary for younger readers, but all in all, this was a really good book.

I can't fully relate to the characters in this book but I can say if I was in this situation I would try my hardest to survive.

Friday, December 30, 2022

Tortured Souls Series By Ron Ripley

 Source: I purchased the first six books in this series. I won the sixth book from LibraryThing. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Genre:  Adult, Horror

Evil comes in so many forms. Sometimes in the form of ghosts, and sometimes in the form of those who use the ghosts for their own purpose. Janet Ladd is one who uses the spirits to get her what she wants, even if it means people are injured or killed.

Dan Tate lives in a historical school house and takes care of Coffin Cemetery attached to it. He was a former journalist who suffers from PTSD. While interviewing a young high school girl she is shot by an active shooter, along with several other students and teachers. Dan is helpless to do anything except hold her as she dies. His inability to move on from this event cost him his family, his job, everything.  When Eli, a young ghost living in the cemetery comes to him and explains what Janet is doing he agrees to help.

Ron Ripley has created a wonderful world filled with ghosts and a great plot line to go with it. I purchased this and the next four because I had won a copy of the last book. I am one that needs to read the whole series if possible. It is a good thing that I have spent my Christmas break doing exactly what I told my principal I would be doing, reading. Can’t wait to read the rest of the books in this series.

Something that is very important for the reader to know is that the story takes place in Anger, New Hampshire. Dan is still battling Janet and her ghosts. However, things are getting a lot hotter on the ghostly front. The evil seems to be growing. I kept wondering if Dan would be able to handle it all with everything he was going through. He still battles his PTSD. He has the help of the local sheriff who is also a distant relative to the young ghost boy Eli. They ban together to try to save the city that is being terrorized by the ghosts that Janet has unleashed on them.

It seems like each book in Ron Ripley’s “Tortured Souls” series is getting better. That is definitely what I enjoy in a good series. 

Dan continues to restore the school house and work out his issues from being involved in an active shooting at a high school. Unfortunately, he has made a big time enemy of Janet Ladd and the ghosts she has set after him.. She is the local medium who is using the ghosts to take people’s money. Unfortunately, Dan is the target of Janet’s latest ghost. Someone who is very evil and will do anything to Dan, including killing him.

We are introduced to a cannibal ghost in this book. That should say it all. This book is very gruesome. Good thing I like gruesome books.  It is very important that Dan keep on his toes in this book. I am finding that I have to read from beginning to end because this is not a book you can start and then go to bed only to pick it up the next morning. I am looking forward to the fourth book in this series.

This is the fourth book in the Tortured Souls series by Ron Ripley. I am enjoying this series immensely. We are introduced to Olivia. She is a ghost who is determined to kill Dan. Part of the reason is Mary's house. Dan has inherited it and the ghosts want it for the power it has. Each book seems to bring the tension up ten-fold. The ghosts get more violent and evil and Dan and his friends become more determined to stop Janet and her ghosts. Each book ends in a way that makes you yearn for the next book.  I'm not sure I would have stuck with this series had I started it when the first book came out and then had to wait so long for the next book in the series.  If you like ghost stories then this series is a must read.

True to form we are introduced to a new ghost. As I have read reviews about this series people have talked about a character from another series. Now that I have met him I will need to read the Berkley Street Series to find out who this Shane Character is. If that series is as good as this I know I will enjoy it.  Something else we find out in this book is who is behind controlling Janet. The violence gets worse. Dan's state of mind is worse. The tension is so high I couldn't put the book down. Looking forward to the last book in the series.

I feel so bad for Dan in this series. It seems like the harder he tries the more things he is up against.  He is worried about his children, having trouble with his ex-wife and now he has to try to do everything in his power to save the town of Anger. This is a town he has come to love.  How much more can he handle?  You will need to read this book and the rest in this series.  Definitely one of my favorite authors.  This is a must read series.

Friday, June 24, 2022

Sin Series Books 1 – 3 by A.I. Nasser

Genre: Adult, Horror
Source: I won a copy from LibraryThing. The opinions expressed here are my own.


Book 1 - Kurtain Motel

I will say that this is definitely not the book to read during a storm at night. After car trouble Patrick is picked up by a priest and due to a storm they stop at a creepy motel. The setting was a perfect setup for this story. The “guests” find themselves plagued by their deepest sins. Something wants them to confess these sins. If you really want to creep me out then add in spiders. They are my biggest fear. This is told from multiple points of view.  I happen to be someone who likes this. I don’t think I would ever want to be in a motel like the Kurtain Motel.  This is just the first book in his Sin series so it ends a little bit differently than I liked, but set things up to make me read the next one. If you love creepy books then this book and this author is the one for you.


Book 2 - Refuge

Okay, book 2 of A.I. Nasser’s Sin series is just as creepy as the first book.  Three people have escaped the Kurtain Motel. They end up in a town called Refuge. I am a strong believer that names in books are often a story in themselves. It made me wonder why the author would name the town Refuge. Just when they think they have their lives returning to normal the creep factor is turned up once again. We still have a theme of “confessing their sins” running throughout this series. This author knows how to make everything about his book creepy. Definitely one of my favorite horror authors. Now on to the third book in this series.


Book 3 - Purgatory

Patrick and Jimmy have been on the run since they left the Kurtain Motel. They are trying to find Jimmy’s mom who was possessed by the evil that haunted them at the motel. They find themselves in a town called Darville. Something is definitely wrong in Darville. Evil lurks there. Once again those creepy spiders make an appearance. All I kept thinking as I read this series is that it would make an awesome movie, spiders and all. I do feel that the series left me with some unanswered questions. Was that enough to make me not enjoy the story?  Definitely not. I need to check some of the other books by this author. But please, check out this trilogy, you won’t be disappointed.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Silent Death by Ron Ripley

Genre: Adult, Horror
Source: I won a copy from LibraryThing

This is the first book in this series that I have read. I have now had to go back and purchase the others.  Abel Worthe is one extremely wicked and mixed up man. Money has always bought him what he wanted. He has a whole village of ghosts he has had trapped for years. Amongst all of these ghosts is a young boy named Alex. He can see and communicate with the ghosts, and more. Abel wants him removed from the village. He doesn’t seem to care what it might cost in lives.  Add to this mix a young teen ghost, the most evil of all and you have a wonderful story you will read from beginning to end.  Kimberly killed her whole family with a hatchet. She likes nothing more than killing people and ripping out their voice box. Here reason for this is just as crazy. I was drawn in to a story I couldn’t put down, from the very first chapter.  This is one of those book I can’t say too much about because to do so would create all kinds of spoilers. I will say this much. I will be reading the books before this one and the next one. This author has a new follower.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Something for Everyone

I spent the week before last just reading books with the intention of writing reviews for them the next week. It seems that writing the reviews takes longer than reading the books. I have to go back and look at the notes I jotted down and then try to form them into some sort of cohesive piece of writing. Below you will find several reviews of some of the books I read. 

The Mind of the Living – J. Kaihua
Genre: Adult, Inspirational
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

A man traipses through the desert to find a man they call “Old Fool”. He is seeking a book. He finds the old man and offers him gold for the book. The old man refuses the gold and tells him he may read the book. Upon opening it the book is blank. When he asks the book a question the book speaks to him. The book is short yet full of wise advice. One of my favorite quotes from the book was:
“The only thing that doesn’t change, is that everything changes.”  I think if we were to remember this then we will be able to move ahead with no major surprises. It is a quick and uplifting book with a multitude of old pictures.  I enjoyed it.

O.K. Is Great by David Tiefenthaler

Genre: Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Since I teach middle school I am always looking for books for my shelves that will entertain and interest my students. This is that type of book. First it has a student nicknamed O.K. I am sure my students will get the name connotation there and be able to identify. After all, they are in middle school.  I don’t know of very many middle school students who don’t want to do something that will get the recognized and remembered. Often it backfires like it did for O.K.  Unlike the character in this book many of my students would just give up. However, O.K. with his new friend Leo by his side push on.

Kids will be able to identify with this character. They will recognize the hardships that go along with being in middle school and trying to live up to an older sibling who can’t seem to do anything wrong. Many kids will be able to identify with being the ‘middle child’ and what that entails. They will understand this character’s feelings and in the end, will realize that they can overcome middle school obstacles. They will identify with this character and realize they aren’t out there going it alone.

No Rest for the Wicked – Dane Cobain
Genre: Adult Horror, Thriller
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Warning:  Some of the descriptions are graphic and so not recommended for everyone.

I don’t usually read stories that contain angels or demons. But the premise of this one was different so I agreed to read and review it. These are not the angels we read about in the Bible. These angels are attacking humans. They are choosing who will die and in what horrific manner they will execute them. Enter our two heroes, Father Montgomery and Robert Jones. They set out to stop these angels.  I won’t say too much because it would be so easy to give things away. There are lots of twists and turns.  Since I am an eclectic reader I enjoy things a little darker at times. This one fits the bill.  I have to comment on the cover, isn't it just delicious?

Stop the Diet I Want to Get Off by Lisa Tillinger Johansen

Genre: Informational
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

This is quite a comprehensive book. The author is a registered dietitian. She has provided an extensive look at the different diets out in the world. Some of them I had never heard of before.  Some made me cringe.  I was a little saddened to learn that she placed the paleo diet into the “fad” category. I started a paleo diet approximately two years ago and not only did I finally begin to lose weight, but a lot of my health issues went away. I am no longer pre-diabetic, no longer have a heart issue. My thyroid meds have been cut in half. I no longer have acid reflux.  I believe the main message from this book is that you don’t need to just jump on the bandwagon. Do your research. Make sure you are eating healthy. I’ve seen many people follow every diet out there because a friend or a celebrity personality lost so much weight. Be informed. This rather lengthy book will help you do just that.

Mindful Parenting by Susan Burgess
Genre: Informational
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

I have gone through the parenting phase in my life. I would recommend this book to young parents everywhere. Parenting is without a doubt one of the hardest jobs we face. One of the things I found useful in this book was finding a balance between parenting and our own needs. Balancing our life is another area we have forgotten about. I realized that as a teacher I am often put in a somewhat parental role. Some of the advice in this book carries over into my job. It is important that we learn to apologize when we are wrong. Children respect that and it breaks the tension and teaches a lesson from which you can move on. Great advice in this book.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Death Row Apocalypse - Darrick Mackey

Genre: Adult, Horror
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

From Goodreads:

On homeland soil, a terrorist group tears up suburban life as they leave thriteen dismembered girls in their wake, and the CIA employs a vicious serial killer to eliminate the cell as the number of corpses rises. Trapped in a maze of corridors and hunted like vermin, a small group of visitors desperately seek and exit from a maximum security death row facility. Murders, rapists, and prison guards alike turn zombie and pursue the desperate gorup as their small number dwindles. Double-crossed by the CIA and sentenced to death by lethal injection, Blaine Wilken finds himself exercising his talents as he seeks a way out of the facility. When destiny laughs in the face of horror and forces the group to place their faith and trust in the most lethal serial killer in US history, one has to wonder which predator to fear as they enter the deepest shadows of a Death Row Apocalypse.

My Thoughts:
It’s funny that when I was first asked to review this book I turned it down. Zombies are just not my thing. I was curious so I read the summary. That was all it took to make me contact him and tell him to send me a copy. I will say this book is not for the faint of heart. There is plenty of blood and gore. The setting of this book is quite unique. The main character is a former CIA operative who was betrayed, tried for murder and is awaiting execution by lethal injection when he finds he and everyone else has bigger problems. Before he was betrayed by the CIA he was one of their most lethal killers for hire. That is what it seemed so appropriate that everyone in the prison who wants to survive must depend on him. How ironic. He must fight zombies if they are to survive. If you are a lover of zombie movies and books then you will love this take on the zombie genre. If you fear reading about blood and gore then stay away from this. It is fast paced. From the minute you pick it up to the minute you finish it the action keeps going. I have to say that zombies are still not my favorite, but throw in something unique like this and I’ll be more apt to read it.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Playlist of the Ancient Dead – Aaron Frale

Genre: Adult, Mystery, Science fiction, Adventure, Horror
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

I can honestly say I’ve never read a book like this.  When Caroline was walking her dog and he kept reacting strangely every time they got near a brick building I knew there was something to the building.  The building has been there for years. When Caroline sees her ex-boyfriend coming down the sidewalk she turns and walks back toward the building. She sees a door, she had not seen before and opens it. Cody catches up with her and she ends up stepping back out, but not before she sees something.  It seems that a government team had found a way in years before and disappeared and so they’ve been waiting all this time for another door to appear. Caroline and her dog are the key.  Another thing that was strange, not in a bad way, but in a unique way was the use of music throughout the book. No I’m not going to tell you what I mean.  I will tell you to expect all kinds of things. There are so many twists and turns in this book it will keep you reading from beginning to end.  This was the first book I had read by this author and I was not disappointed.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Flip by Michael Phillip Cash

Genre: Adult, Horror, Ghosts
Source: I received a copy to help facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

This is the first book I have read by this author.  I am so glad that I was offered the book for review.  I might never have found him.  As a middle school teacher I often have trouble finding adult books that I enjoy.  This is definitely an author whose books I will enjoy reading and recommending.

If you are like me and love a good ghost story then this is definitely the book for you.  It mixes the past and the present.  Brad and Julie flip houses.  When they find the Hemmings House on Bedlam Street, they figure this Victorian house would be the perfect project.  Brad feels something is not quite right the minute he enters the basement.  He wants to flip the house and sell it.  Julie on the other hand has fallen in love with this run down property.  She wants to keep it and turn it into a bed and breakfast. 

The other inhabitants in the house, Gerald and Tess have other plans.  Tess has design on Brad.  She wants him even if it means she has to get rid of Julie.  Sentinels in the house keep this from happening. With all of the strange happenings Julie now wants to sell the house.  It will take a lot of money to fix it up to sell.  She and Brad find a lot of valuable items left behind by the previous people.  What else does this house hold besides, ghosts, valuable possessions and secrets?  You really must read this book to find out.  This is not your bloody, gory type of horror book.  It is just creepy enough to keep you sitting on the edge of your seat turning the pages until you have finished.  

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mirrors of Anguish – R. P. Kraul

Publisher:  Immortal Ink Publishing
Pages:  290
Source: Review Copy form the author
Genre:   Adult, Literary Horror

From Goodreads:
Young reporter Jill Duport returns to Belcorte, Pennsylvania, intending to sell the Victorian house that once belonged to her grandparents—the house where her grandfather allegedly mutilated and murdered a teenage girl. The house where he committed suicide.

The mystery surrounding the murder-suicide traps Jill in this small town in the Pocono Mountains. Knowing her grandfather was thought of as a serial killer by some is not enough for Jill. She wants to know why, twenty years after his death, the murders have continued.

What was her grandfather’s connection to the sadistic madman known as the Indianhead Reservoir Killer?

As Jill unravels the mystery of her grandfather, she draws herself closer to the killer, who has waited for decades to unleash his vengeance on Belcorte. His female victims are vessels for his feral children, and when Jill unknowingly enters his furtive lair, he decides to put in motion his sadistic plan to destroy the town.

My Thoughts:
If you were to look at the labels for my books  on Goodreads, you would find that I’ve read very little horror.  This is not because I don’t like horror.  It is because there is very little horror that I find to be good, and actually finish. I grew up on a farm in Indiana.  We lived in the 100+ year old farmhouse that had been my great-grandmother’s before she passed away.  It was a house that she claimed was haunted.  I grew up in that old house watching horror shows.  You know the ones that had you screaming at the character to do something, or not do something and they did THEIR OWN thing which always caused a problem.  That is what this type of book is like.  Classic Horror.  This it the type of book anyone who LOVES horror will want to read.  It transported me back to those late Friday or Saturday nights when I would sit up alone watching those shows that would scare me so much I wouldn’t want to leave my chair to go to bed.  That is what this book did for me, and yes I read it at night.   The author sets the tone for the book from the very beginning with his description of Belacort, Pennsylvania.  The town felt so real that I actually googled it to see if it existed.  His description of the town sets you on edge and keeps you there.  The characters are believable.  You have real people who have real problems that you can identify with.  Some you will love and some you will love to hate.  They are fleshed out in such a way that you can’t help it.  For me I will always choose a character driven plot because if the characters are not believable, then no matter what happens to them it makes the writing seem unbelievable.  Kraul has managed to find that delicate balance.

The horror in this book is the type that messes with your mind.  It is not your typical “slasher” type of horror. This is worse.  This is the type that will creep you out to the point you will be afraid to close the book, and afraid to continue reading.  So you want something creepy for a change?  Get this book.  It is just thing to fill that horror void in your reading.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Double Header by Joel M. Andre

Kill 4 Me – Joel M. Andre
Publisher:  Darkcountry Publications
Source:  review copy for tour
Genre:  Adult, Horror, thriller, Mystery, Suspense

Casey Dwyer is haunted.

After a horrific car accident that claimed the life of her sister, she has struggled to return to a normal life.  But on a cold winter day what seemed like a harmless text on her cell phone changed everything.

Now Casey will try to do anything to protect her and her family and friends against a vengeful spirit.  Even kill.  Who is the spirit stalking Casey and how far will it push her into the darkness of madness?

Book Trailer

My Thoughts:
This was a great book.  It had just the right amount of creep factor for me.  Casey was every parent’s dream daughter.  She  was the one who always tried to do the right thing.  She witnessed her father’s death years before.  She constantly tried to cover for her rebellious sister.  Her mother knew her youngest daughter was a problem.  She was also aware that Casey tried to cover for her sister.  On the night that Casey has to once again rescue her sister, they are involved in a horrific car accident.  Many people died including Casey’s sister.     Shortly after she returns homes she starts receiving mysterious messages on her phone and computer.  This strange being who has begun to haunt her wants her to kill for it. 

Just about the time I thought I had figured out who was haunting Casey and why, the story takes another strange turn.  I honestly never saw the ending coming.  This is a book that you must read. Find out what this spirit wants from Casey and what it is willing to do to get it.  Find out the twisted end that will leave you scratching your head.  You won’t see it coming.

Tea With Death – Joel M. Andre
Publisher:  Darkcountry Publications
Pages:  10
Source:  review copy for tour
Genre:  Adult Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, Horror

In this dark, philosophical tale of horror, a man has the opportunity to sit down with Death.  What he discovers is that the dying process is a little more complex than he imagined and that making a deal with the Grim Reaper comes with a price.

My Thoughts:
This was a very interesting short story.  The idea that someone would invite death to have tea with them made me think that the person was a little bit off in the head.  As you read you find that the main character has more on his mind than just asking Death some questions.  This was a quick and interesting read.  It worked great with Kill 4 Me.

About Joel:
Joel M. Andre was born January 13, 1981. At a young age he was fascinated with the written word. It was at fourteen that Poe blew his mind, and Andre began to dabble with darker poetry.

Between the years of 1999 and 2007 Joel was featured in various poetry anthologies and publications. In 2008 he released his first collection, Pray the Rain Never Ends.

Knowing there was something deeper and darker inside of his soul, Joel decided to take a stab at commercialism. Releasing the dark tongue in cheek, A Death at the North Pole, created a dark world among the death of Kris Kringle. Ultimately providing a tale of redemption.

October of 2008 saw Joel release his second book, Kill 4 Me. A tale in which a woman is haunted by a vengeful spirit through text messages and instant messaging.

Taking some time off and doing a lot of soul searching, Joel took things in a new direction and dabbled in the Fantasy Genre with, The Pentacle of Light. The tale dealing with five major races battling for control of Earth, and the acceptance of their God.

Finally, after missing his detective Lauren Bruni, he released the book The Return in October 2009, this time moving the action from the North Pole and placing it in the small Arizona community he was raised in.
Andre’s latest book is The Black Chronicles: Cry of the Fallen about a dead man who seeks revenge on the woman that tormented him in peaceful Northern Arizona.

Currently, he resides in Chandler, AZ.
You can visit his website at

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Harbor - John Ajvide Lindqvist

Publisher - Thomas Dunne Books
Pages: 512
Genre:  Adult, Horror,  Some Sexual content

From Goodreads:
From the author of the international and New York Times bestseller Let the Right One In (Let Me In) comes this stunning and terrifying book which begins when a man's six-year-old daughter vanishes. One ordinary winter afternoon on a snowy island, Anders and Cecilia take their six-year-old daughter Maja across the ice to visit the lighthouse in the middle of the frozen channel. While the couple, explore the lighthouse, Maja disappears -- either into thin air or under thin ice -- leaving not even a footprint in the snow. Two years later, alone and more or less permanently drunk, Anders returns to the island to regroup. He slowly realizes that people are not telling him all they know; even his own mother, it seems, is keeping secrets. What is happening in Domarö, and what power does the sea have over the town's inhabitants?

My Thoughts:
This was a strange book.  It starts with the disappearance of Maja.  Then the majority of the book is told not as a flashback but as back-story.  I mean we look back at the past with the present interspersed.  It is an effective way to tell a story.  They have listed this as a horror story but I thought of it more as a mystery or thriller.  The book is about a Swedish island that is full of mysterious secrets known by a few.    It includes a former magician that has bonded himself to a Spiritus, which is a centipede like creature.  When he allows his saliva to touch the body of the Spiritus they have formed a bond and he has obtained some of the powers from the Spiritus.  This is definitely one of those books that you can say nothing is as it seems.  The story is not written in the usual chronological way, which adds to the mystery.  It is told in a way that holds the reader. The people on the island  love the sea and at the same time, you can tell they fear it on some level.  The question is, why?  For the answer to this, I would suggest you read the book.  Maybe then you will find out why and how people, have for years just vanished.  Perhaps you will find out the true power of the sea.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Painted Darkness by Brian James Freeman

Publisher:  Cemetery Dance, November, 2010
Pages:  175
Source:  e-book sent to me
Genre:  Adult Horror

I sat down to read this book and couldn't stop until I got to the end. This was the first book I'd read by this author but it won't be my last. This story is written in alternating present and past chapters. The present gives us a look at the artist who "paints against the darkness" or the demons that seem to haunt him. The Past gives us a look at the artist as a child and how he came to be haunted by these demons. The fear I have of basements made this book even more scary for me as it seems the monster he must face lurks in the basement of his house. This was so good that I can foresee his books sitting on the shelf next to the names of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. This is a must read for anyone who loves horror. Just don't read it at night.