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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Student Saturday: Dead Lake by Darcy Coates


Genre: Adult, Horror, Suspense
Student Reviewer: Franklin G.

Sam, a young artist, got an invitation for her art to be shown at the Heritage Gallery, which was a huge deal for her. But her mom sadly passed away shortly after, so for the next few months, instead of preparing artwork for the gallery, she forgot about it completely until about a week before it was happening. Sam's uncle let her stay in his cabin, which was completely off the grid, and only a few people knew about it. As she was there, she thought she was alone. Her uncle wasn't there, but there was no cell reception, and there wasn't anyone for a few miles. Then she started painting these strange images in her sleep. These images were of a man, and he looked strange, but she slowly realized that the man had been watching her and started to attack her. He would sit and look over the dock and watch her from the woods. These woods had always had disappearances, and it turned out he was the one killing them, and Sam was in grave danger. She had met a ranger from a nearby park and wanted his help, but things went from bad to worse the longer she stayed at the cabin. What happened to Sam and the ranger? Did the strange man kill them? Did Sam's art go to the gallery? 

I loved this book, and I thought it was great. It is a shorter read and Darcy Coates put two other short stories in the back. This story, though was great. I love the action and the mystery, but most of all I like the little horror details in the story. This is a great book if you like mystery combined with horror and action. I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of 10 because this book might be scary for younger readers, but all in all, this was a really good book.

I can't fully relate to the characters in this book but I can say if I was in this situation I would try my hardest to survive.

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Little Boy Lost by Urcelia Teixeira


Genre: Adult, Christian, Suspense
Source: This was a free download to introduce the author's work

This novella will keep you on the edge of your seat.  All Michael Tanner wants is to see his son Archie. The problem is his ex-wife has not shown up for the second week in a row.  Living in this small town brings another problem for Michael. As the person in charge of safety at the fish manufacturing plant, he is blamed for an explosion that took the lives of several hundred people, including his wife's father and brother. Injured in the explosion with no memory of it his wife leaves him.  Now it seems she has left town with their son.  He goes to her house, even though there is a restraining order against him and discovers she has moved.  He knows he can't trust anyone in this town so he goes to the next town over. The sheriff believes him even when he is told that Michael has some major mental issues.  But how deep and sister will things get?

This was a great book that was not overly religious. We have characters that demonstrate their faith  through prayer. We have a believable main character that comes across as genuine and believable. Then we have Sheriff Hutchinson who give you that vibe that there is more to him than meets the eye and you'd better watch out for him.  The tension was perfect for this novella. Can't wait to get into the restt of her books.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The Twisted Road to You by Barbara Longley


Genre:  Adult, Romance, Suspense
Source: I was given a copy to be reviewed, the opinions expressed here are my own.

I am trying to clean out my personal library and my e-reader.  I am not sure how long I've had this book. Something about it appealed to me way back when I purchased it or agreed to read it for the author.  I don't read a lot of romance. I don't like, nor have I ever like mushy, gushy romance. However, give me a book where both parties fall in love while overcoming major obstacles and I am there.  

The two characters are both suffering from a type of PTSD. Wes is a former marine. He watched one of his men die and blames himself because he was thinking about how his wife had dumped him while he was away from home. Carlie is a single mom of a young boy. Her ex-husband is in prison. They moved changed their names and did everything right to protect themselves from the man who almost killed her.
Wes eats breakfast every day at the diner where she works. It is obvious to everyone around them that Wes has feelings for her. 

One day we goes for his breakfast and doesn't see Carlie. The owners who have taken her under their wing tell him about her past. He sets off to make sure she is okay. He sees her and her son being held by her ex.  He manages to rescue them, but her ex gets away.  His mission from this point forward was not to fall in love, even though you know that is what is going to happen, but to protect her and her son.  Like I said, this is not a mushy-gushy romance. The twists and turns are what will keep you moving through this book. The sad thing to learn after reading this is that there were other books before this one in the series.  Definitely going to read them.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Spark by J.T. Bishop

Genre: Adult, Suspense
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

From Goodreads
Eve Fletcher is on the run. She’s hiding from the men who’ve killed her boss. But she’s not alone. A man she barely knows is with her, and she must decide whom to trust. But Eve has more than her life at stake. She’s protecting secrets too. Secrets that if exposed could risk not only her, but her entire family. But everyone has secrets, including the man who refuses to leave her side. 

With time running out, Eve must choose whether to bring her boss’s murderers to justice. But she’s falling for the mysterious man with his own suspicious motives. Can she risk loving him or will his presence threaten the family she’s trying so hard to protect? 

Family whose survival depends on keeping secrets

My Thoughts
I had not read any of her other books, that is being corrected. It didn’t  create any confusion by starting with this book. I liked Eve and her independence. I also like Benny who took care of Eve like she was his own daughter.  Adam was the icing on the cake.
Watching Eve who wants to be so independent have to decide to pair up with and rely on Adam was at times humorous. The author keeps the suspense going from the very beginning. I couldn’t put the book down.  This was a new author for me. The way the book ended tied everything up neatly, but left just enough suspense to want to know what will happen next to these characters.  This is a book I highly recommend to those who love suspense.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Jingle and the Magnificent Seven

Genre: Adult, Suspense
Source:  I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

When Jingle Bell, Santa’s SEIC Santa-Elf-in-Charge) for Southeastern operations of the SBI (Santa Bureau of Investigation) is assigned to recover the naughty list from a rogue elf, he finds himself in need of human partners. He recruits Nep Thomas, a PI in Coral Lakes, Florida. But the problem grows as Jingle, aka Rocky, discovers that his adversary, Rime, is dealing with Abdul Abaddah, a Mid-East terrorist recruiter and financier. More support is needed. Soon, Rocky’s group grows to a magnificent seven, but they face a dirty dozen. Only when the dozen has been neutralized – without serious injury – can Rocky bring Rime to justice.

My Thoughts:
I absolutely loved this book.  It started out very humorously. Nep Thomas first meets the elf who sets him on the path to track down a rogue elf, on a south Florida beach.  I thought the banter between Nep and his on again off again girl Cassie was funny. He invites her over for crepes at Rocky the elf’s insistence. Where she didn’t believe the story in the beginning she is the one who first believes. One of the other things I liked was the conflict in the story. A rogue elf steals Santa’s Naughty-Nice List with the intent to sell it to a terrorist.  Not only does he steal the list, he sabotages the computer system so Santa has no backup list. The rag-tag team that is assembled to accomplish this mission was wonderful.  There was the suspense and the humor in just the right dose to keep the story moving forward.  I may need to check out other books by this author.

About the Author
Randy was born and reared in Williamston, North Carolina, a small town in the northeastern part of the state. From there, he says he inherited a sense of responsibility, a belief in fair play, and a love of country. As a career US Army officer, he had the opportunity to learn, travel, teach, and hone talents inherited from his parents. Following retirement, he worked in other ventures for the US Government. Every job has in some way been fun. Even the dark days of Vietnam had their light moments, and he cherishes the camaraderie that was an integral part of survival in that hostile world.

At an early age, Randy discovered the town library and the librarian. She was a wonderful lady, who loved to introduce children to books. She engendered in him a love of the written word. Then, one day many years later, he sat at his computer and began to type. About a year later, he had a tome as long and heavy as WAR AND PEACE (or so it seemed). Giving himself every benefit of the doubt, he will simply say, "It stunk." But the seed was planted, and he continued to compose and continued to learn. 

Today, he has short stories in several anthologies, and a growing list of novels to his credit. As a prolific reader, the reads across several genres and takes that into his writing. He has written mysteries, thrillers, an historical, and two fantasy/mystery/thrillers featuring a Santa Elf. The count is now at fourteen and growing. He is a regular contributor to Happy Homicides, a twice annual anthology of cozy short stories. He also has a series of short stories featuring a cattle-herding burro. Wherever his imagination will take him, he follows.

Randy writes because he enjoys it and smiles because life is fun. Learn more about Randy and his work at

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Indecent by Ethan Brant

Genre: Young Adult, Adult, Suspence
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

From Goodreads:

Based on true events!

There was a time when six countries were united by one man named Tito. He defended the country from the tyranny of Hitler, thus establishing himself as a leader. His system of government was Socialism controlled by his Secret Police¾the UDBA. Most of the population was thrilled to live such a life and they considered the agents their protectors, but one brilliant kid disagreed. 

Zlatan, at the age of sixteen, decides to live outside the system, but that leads him to prison, to serve a sentence of five years. Inside he meets his teacher, Uncle, a former spy for Tito’s Gestapo, who arranges an early release for him, but it comes with a high price. 

In front of the prison gates, two agents catch him and give him an ultimatum¾do or die. Zlatan agrees to their criminal requests but not for ”King and Country” but for the freedom he craves. His actions lead him to discover something dark in the pit of his mind. He learns there are greater things to fear than the police and other criminals. He must answer the question . . . 


Be the first one to find out in this debut novella by a young author, filled with suspense and psychological battles of an abnormally self-aware man.

My Thoughts

If you are looking for a light, easy, feel good read, then put this book down. This young talented writer knows how to draw out the emotions in his readers. His book is a fictionalized account of actual events.  His main character Zlatan has found himself in a situation where he is searching for freedom. The acceptance of what he hopes will give him that turns out not to be freedom. We see this young man go from a period in his life where he is a small time criminal who ends up in prison, to a young man who accepts what he thinks will be his ticket out. He leaves the prison only to find himself in a deeper hole. It makes you wonder how dark a person is willing to let their soul get. For Zlatan you can see the struggle within. He is power hungry yet you still see a side of him that wants to be rid of all the evil.  We can remove ourselves from bad situations and turn our lives around. Unfortunately the things we have done in our past, no matter how much we are able to cover them up still haunt our thoughts and memories.  This up and coming author has done a great job of touching a nerve in his readers. It makes us take a deeper look inside our own selves. With the exception of  a small amount of language I didn’t care for, I would definitely recommend this book.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Guest Post: Katherine Prairie

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved books, and I started that love affair early. My mother always had a book in hand, and she introduced me to Trixie-Belden and the wonderful stories about a young girl who solved crime when I was still in elementary school. But books were a luxury, and the store-bought books that came through our door were few and far between. I soon discovered though, that the library had what seemed to me, an endless supply.  
As a teenager, I spent hours in the library, browsing the shelves, searching for interesting stories and when I found an author I liked, I read everything they published. One summer, it was Jane Austen’s books, another year Agatha Christie filled my days. My tastes were eclectic – and still are – I just wanted a good story and authors like Isaac Asimov, James Clavell, Robert Ludlum, J.R.R. Tolkien, Emily Bronte, Arthur Conan Doyle, Stephen King and Mary Higgins Clark delivered.
But the books I read about far-away places, Russian spies and early Britain, also sparked an interest in world politics, history, geography, art and culture. They opened up the world to me, and they stirred my imagination.
I knew from an early age that I wanted to be a scientist, and that’s where my education and career took me, but there’s always been a part of me that wanted to write. In science, we explore, discover and experiment –  we investigate mysteries.  So I suppose it’s only natural that when I did take that first step, I wrote Thirst, a suspense thriller.
But as a writer I’ve taken on the challenge of creating a mystery rather than solving one, and it is a challenge!  Too many clues or too few, a simple plot or one that’s too complex, slow vs fast pacing – all of these elements have to be carefully considered as I construct my story.  Above all, I want to give people a story they can immerse themselves in, a story I would like to read too.
There’s no doubt that the authors of my childhood greatly influenced me, and so have the many authors I discovered as an adult. I still prowl the library, searching for a good read, and I still take great delight in finding a new author. And if you had told me when I was a young girl that I would one day see my own novel on those library shelves, I wouldn’t have believed you, but a few weeks ago that’s exactly what happened.  
As much as I’m been overjoyed to see Thirst in stores, it’s the libraries that I’m most proud of. Libraries make books that entertain, teach and inspire available to everyone regardless of age, income or education, and they power dreams. Without that library in my small hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

I’m at the beginning of my writing career, but perhaps one day a reader will find my Alex Graham series on the library shelves and it will inspire them to search out more authors, or to write their own book.   

Author Bio

Katherine, a geologist and IT specialist, stepped away from the international petroleum industry to follow her passion for writing. An avid traveller with an insatiable curiosity, you never know where you’ll find her next! But most days, she’s in Vancouver, Canada quietly plotting murder and mayhem under the watchful eye of a cat. She is an award-winning presenter and the author of the thriller THIRST.

Buy links for Thirst:

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Secret Sisters by Jayne Ann Krentz

Genre: Adult, Romance, Suspence
Source: I received a copy from Netgalley to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

From Goodreads:

Madeline and Daphne were once as close as sisters—until a secret tore them apart. Now it might take them to their graves.

They knew his name, the man who tried to brutally attack twelve-year-old Madeline in her grandmother's hotel. They thought they knew his fate. He wouldn't be bothering them anymore...ever. Still their lives would never be the same. 

Madeline has returned to Washington after her grandmother's mysterious death. And at the old, abandoned hotel—a place she never wanted to see again—a dying man’s last words convey a warning: the secrets she and Daphne believed buried forever have been discovered.

Now, after almost two decades, Madeline and Daphne will be reunited in friendship and in fear. Unable to trust the local police, Madeline summons Jack Rayner, the hotel chain’s new security expert. Despite the secrets and mysteries that surround him, Jack is the only one she trusts...and wants. 

Jack is no good at relationships but he does possess a specific skill set that includes a profoundly intimate understanding of warped and dangerous minds. With the assistance of Jack's brother, Abe, a high-tech magician, the four of them will form an uneasy alliance against a killer who will stop at nothing to hide the truth....

My Thoughts:
This book is all about secrets and the effect they have on those keeping them. Madeline and Daphne haven't spoken for years. However, when they reconnect it is like they have never been apart. They are bound together by a past secret that has come back to haunt them. Jack has his own secret and while trying to protect Madeline finds himself falling for her. This is an edge of your seat, suspenseful romance. If you are into the mushy, gushy type of romance don't bother picking this up. The suspense, twists and turns kept me reading. I really didn't know how it was going to turn out until the end. That made this book especially wonderful for me. This is definitely a book I'll recommend.