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Monday, February 27, 2023

Henry Bingle’s Transformation: A Fable for all Ages by Kristin Fulton

 Bingle does.
Genre: Middle Grades, Traditional Fable
Source: I won a copy from LibraryThing

When Henry Bingle is thrown from bed by an earthquake. He claws his way out from under a stack of debris that has been accumulating in his room for a very long time. He grabs the first things he finds to wear. When he leaves for school he realizes how weird he looks and decides to skip school. Besides, everyone already laughs at him and calls him names. He heads down to the river only to find a Nixie. This little elf needs his help. His family is trapped inside their home by the debris that careless people have thrown along the river. All of it was shaken loose by the earthquake. Henry helps the elf and then helps clear the debris from around the tree. He agrees to come back each day and help clean the mess around the river. It's funny he's never realized how much garbage Hogville has along its riverbanks. He goes home, and after cleaning his own room passes out waking up in the hospital. The bump on his head he received when the earthquake knocked him out of bed was more serious than they all thought. When he is finally released form the hospital he decides to make it his mission to clean up his town. His elf friend predicted he would do great things.  Read this wonderful story to find out all that Henry Bingle does.