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Saturday, December 16, 2023

Student Saturday: Surviving Sharks and Other Dangerous Creatures by Allan Zullo


Genre:  Middle Grade, Nonfiction
Student Reviewer: Elijah S.

This book talks about ten stories about different animals attacking humans and how those humans survived those terrifying encounters. All ten chapters had different stories and different animals. These animals consisted of sharks, elephants, bears, snakes, wolves, alligators, bulls, monkeys, moose, and cougars. In the situation for the bears, the person had to punch the bear several times to get it off of him. In this situation I would’ve tried to poke the bear’s eyes because I think it would have ran away sooner. I would recommend this book to adventurous people who like to go out to woods and oceans so that they know what to do if they were in situations with these dangerous animals. In my opinion, I love this book because it's very interesting and I love animals books so if I had rate this book a one out of ten it would definitely be a ten out of ten.

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Student Saturday: Remember World War II: Kids Who Survived Tell Their Stories by Dorinda Nicholson


Student Reviewer: Nikita K.
Genre: Non-Fiction

History is a key part of understanding the world and how things have come to be in the world we live in now.

World War Two (WWII) was a terrible time for many people around the world, but is part of our history nonetheless and therefore should be talked about and taught about. Remember World War II by Dorinda Nicholson does just that by going through first-hand accounts of the horrors of this tragic event. These accounts varied from little kids in affected regions and overall youthful children to were affected by this wartime.

Fred Losch, a kid from East Prussia, Germany, recalls a band or group of people called the "Jungvolk", and how he joined at 10 years of age. Fred talked about how he overcame some hikes that were challenging, along with a bike trip. This was until that bike trip was interrupted because the roads were overrun with military vehicles, and he was told to return home immediately. He knew something was up, and a few days after, the war began. Another person also recalled being outside sweeping the street with her straw broom, until she heard the marching of what sounded like hundreds of soldiers. She ran back inside and yelled, "Mother, they're here. The Nazis are here!" This is when Germany began their conquest of Europe, beginning with Poland and school children were forced to learn how to salute with their right arm and say "Heil Hitler!".

 This worldwide event was terrifying, and many people were forced to pick sides or hide. Some people picked the Nazi's side, while others picked the war-torn and affected countries that were being attacked by the tyranny of Hitler. Many people hid, as to not be found and torn away from their families, and that's what I would try to do in that situation. It wouldn't be good to pick a side as one half of the warring countries would see you as an enemy, and attempt to take you away from everything that you love. In my opinion, it would be wise to stack up on supplies and try to wait out the war.

Overall, this book is great at telling the story of World War Two. It is reliable and interesting to read about what people experienced during this time as it used accounts of a wide variety of individuals, both from inside of Germany and out. It is truly a great read and recommended to anyone who is trying to find some information on World War Two and or history in general.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Two Beautiful Nonfiction Books

How They Became Famous Dancers – Anne Dunkin
Genre: Middle Grade, Young Adult, Nonfiction
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review the opinions expressed here are my own.

This is a wonderful book. My daughter loved dance and at one time was enrolled in eight different dance classes. She could tell me about many of the people who shaped dance in recent years. This book takes us way back to Louis the XIV. This book is the story of twelve dancers who cover the year from the early 1600s to the year 2000. I had not heard of many of these dancers. Their passion for dance was so strong they let nothing stand in their way. In addition to the biographies, at the end of each chapter was a section called “Create a Dance”. This section allows you the reader to create a dance in the style of the dance you had just studied. This is a book I will put on my shelves once I have shared it with my daughter.

Galloping to Freedom: Saving the Adobe Town Appaloosas – Carol J. Walker
Genre: Nonfiction
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

After reading this book I’ll never look at or think about wild horses in the same way. This is the story of a rescue of Americas wild horses as captured through beautiful photographs of the photographer. The photographer was able to take pictures of these horses in the wild, when they were captured and when they were resettled onto safe sanctuaries. Thanks to her photographs many horse families were kept together. Unfortunately when she checked in on some of the horses she learned that some of the mare had given birth in such crowed corrals that the foals did not survive. This is a story of sadness and hope. The sadness as we see progress taking away the lands of those who had the right to live there, the wild horses. It is also a story of hope as we see several people who cared enough to set aside areas that would be safe sanctuaries. I think one of the saddest things was that they sterilized all of the males. This means in some cases the end of the line of those fine stallions. Sometimes I read books like this and wonder why God put humans over animals if we were going to treat them the way we do.