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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mine by A.N. Senerella

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, realistic fiction
Source:  I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

When I started reading this book I wasn’t real sure I was going to like it. First I need to say that I very seldom read romances of any kind. Unless there is some mystery to it, I just don’t care for them. What kept me going was Foster. Some of the things he said and did came across as too creepy. I couldn’t figure him out at first. Brady was a character I didn’t like too much. It wasn’t because of the way the author wrote his character. I didn’t like Brady because he came across as shallow. As an adult I can look back to when I was a teen and remember guys like Brady. Sierra would have driven me crazy. I had a friend like her in school who was my polar opposite. That is probably why she was my best friend. Mitchel gave me the feeling from the beginning that something was wrong. I never new how to take him. At times he seemed weak and at times he seemed so strong.  The book was definitely full of some twists. It was a clean read which I really enjoyed.  This is one I would definitely be willing to put on my shelves at school with the warning that they need to wait until the can spend four or five hours to read it. Once they start it they won’t be able to stop reading. That’s how it was for me.  I had never heard of this author before, but I will definitely be on the lookout for more books by this author. I am definitely going to recommend this to my fellow teachers for their classroom shelves.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Supernova by Braxton Cosby

Genre: Young Adult, Adult, Science Fiction, Romance
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Braxton Cosby has kept the action and thrill of this book at a thrilling pace.  The story continues where it left off.  William had made the decision to love and protect Sydney instead of killing her. Sydney learned Noella her best friend had also been a bounty hunter, sent to kill her.  Now they have all bonded together.  To round out the group, the onboard system known as IMPI has agreed to also help.  As he evolves, learning more and more human characteristics Sydney gives him the human name "Bill".  William is sure his father has sent a fleet to take them all out.  What William was unaware of, was that his father and his kingdom was under attack.  There are evil plots all around them.  Another team has been sent to earth to  get rid of all of them. One of them is William's best friend.  When he disposes of the other two, will he be able to convince his friend Arrion to join him? Sydey's godfather Henry and his girlfriend, astronomer Jasmine have been brought in to the situation. You would think with all of this protection that things would be going smoothly.  Sydney, who has never had an illness or sickness in her life suffers a broken bone. Then there are the mood swings.  What is happening to her and will whatever it be, end up killing her?  There is enough suspense within these pages to keep you turning non-stop.  Can't wait to read the next one.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tatiana by Madeline Brock

Genre: Young Adult, Adult Romance
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

As a debut novel for this author I have to say I will be reading more of her work.  I love the time period when people didn’t take so much for granted.  Tatiana Bergman is the youngest in her family.  She has two other sisters, Gretchen and Rose.  They live with their father and their mother is deceased.  As the oldest Gretchen must try to raise her sisters the way her mother would have wanted.  This is a difficult task with a ten year old sister like Tatiana.  She is not ready to be a refined, young lady.  She wants to have fun.  One Sunday morning she sees a family enter the church with a young man whom she believes to be an Indian.  She wastes no time in trying to find out.  Jonny Creek is a half-breed. He and Tatiana become the best of friends. When everyone else is quick to criticize either of them they are there for each other.  This story takes us through several years of their lives.  We see young Tatiana give her life to God and strive to really change, to make a difference.  But what happens when she catches the eye of not just Jonny, but the preacher’s son?  Will she grow impatient as she is so apt to do or will she wait for God’s choice to be made clear to her?
I have to say from the minute I began to read this book until I finished it I loved Tatiana.  She really wanted to be good.  It didn’t come easy for her.  She worked hard to be good. Jonny actually brought out the good in her. Her friendship with him was genuine and strong.  Her relationship with Robert came out of her deciding to go fishing with him one day when Jonny was unable to meet up with her.  He was polite and let her tag along. She wasn’t invited.  However, this gave him the opportunity to see her true loving side.  I could see myself in her so much. As a child I was more like Gretchen.  I almost always did what was right.  However, whenever I got that stubborn streak then I was more like Tatiana.  It is funny because I grew up on a farm and our punishment was to be locked in the pantry under the stairs until we were ready to admit we were wrong and decide to change our ways. 

I would definitely recommend this book to my friends.  It is a light romance, yet you can feel so much family love throughout the entire story.  I definitely enjoyed this book and am so happy that I was asked to review this book.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Hearts Restored – Prue Phillipson

Publisher:  Knox Publishing
Pages: 428 pages
Source:  Review copy from publisher
Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance

From Goodreads:
What can a young man of fifteen do when he is told by his mother that the three cousins he is about to meet all want to marry him?

Daniel Wilson Horden has arrived in London with his parents from their home in Northumberland on the very day of King Charles II’s triumphant return to his capital. Receiving his own personal wave from the king, Daniel longs only to serve him, but first he must keep at bay the threat of marriage.

His two French cousins are adamant in their pursuit of him, but Daniel is intrigued by his English cousin, Eunice, whose Puritan father snatches her away from the reunion celebrations. Unaware that his gallant attempt to save her has endeared him to her, Daniel only just escapes the marriage trap which his younger French cousin lays for him and is sent off to study at Cambridge University.

Once she returns to her father’s home, Eunice is condemned to a life of austerity. Heart-sick, she is assured by her grandmother that Daniel will come for her when he graduates from university.

But, unaware of his cousin’s feelings for him, Daniel goes off to join the navy only to find that fighting in the king’s service is not as glorious as he had imagined.

While the navy suffers at sea, London passes through plague and fire.

Will Eunice survive the hardship? And will Daniel return to fulfil the promise in his eyes on that fateful day in London?

My Thoughts:
Every so often a book comes along that just stays with you.  This was one of those books.  I was up and down all through this book.  I felt for both Daniel and Eunice.  I detested the French sisters.  They wanted Daniel for his title.  They thought that they would be able to change him.  He hated everything they stood for.    I found it funny that he seemed to take great pleasure in letting them know he had a title but no money to go with it.  His family was not all about the money like the aunt and grandmother were.  I did enjoy seeing the transformation, however small, of the grandmother near the end of the book.  I understood Eunice’s father to a certain extent.  I think he was too harsh on Eunice when it came to men.  He wanted to protect her from heartache. However, all of the moral values he taught her prepared her for later on.  It made her stronger. All of Daniel’s relatives that kept trying to arrange a marriage for him irritated me to no end.  I wanted to slap them all.  I loved Daniel’s parents.  It was obvious that their love was genuine.  They wanted what was best for their son and they didn’t feel an arranged marriage was best for him.  I could identify with Daniel’s mother as he joined the Navy.  I read this book knowing that in just a few days my son will be deployed. The fear and heartache stay with you. There were so many obstacles thrown in Daniel and Eunice’s way.  I loved Eunice’s integrity.  I dare say if she had not had the upbringing her father gave her then she would not have been able to endure the hardships she had to go through.  The thread of faith that flowed through the story was refreshing.  I didn’t feel like I was being preached at.  This has been a wonderful book to read and review and will make a great gift for several of my friends.  I look forward to reading more books by this author.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fourteen - C.M. Smith

Publisher:  The Writer’s Coffee Shop
Pages:  174
Source:  Won a copy from LibraryThing in exchange for a review
Genre:  YA/Adult Romance

Arianna Weller has never fit in with the other kids at her high school. The daughter of the only lawyer in town, she's overweight compared to everyone else. Being picked on and put down by her peers has become normal—expected.

When she has a bad run-in with Evan, the boy she's had a crush on for 4 years, she decides to bide her time until she’s out of high school and off to college where she can start over.

Evan Drake has never had to worry about not being popular. He's on the football team, has more friends than he knows what to do with, and he doesn't care about anyone that's not in his "circle." So when he is forced to work with Arianna for a science fair project, he decides that dealing with her is just an unfortunate circumstance… until he sees what he's done to her.

The road to forgiveness and acceptance is not smooth. Overcoming peer pressure, jealousy, miscommunications, and social prejudices is never easy—especially in high school. Evan and Arianna have to learn things the hard way and answer one important question. Is it worth it? 

My Thoughts
This was an awesome book.  Bullying comes in all forms.  Anna has been the butt of everyone’s jokes for as long as she could remember.  The thing is she has done nothing to warrant it except being larger than they think she should be.  Instead of retaliating she built a wall around herself.  I like to say that the wall protected her from hurt but it is obvious it didn’t.  As she and Evan become an item I was often exasperated with her responses to him.  Then it hit me that she really had no reason to trust anyone.  This is an inspiring book.  It showed how people can change if they truly want to.  It also showed how difficult change could be.  I absolutely love the way the book ended.  I really didn’t expect it, yet it seemed like that was the way it should have ended.  The characters in this book were spot on.  I was not a fan of the “f-bomb” being dropped throughout the book.  This was a personal point for me. It was not so terrible that it made the book a bad read.  I just didn’t feel it was a necessary addition to the work.  I would not hesitate to read more by this author.  It was very authentic.  I would definitely recommend this book.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Torrent - Lisa T. Bergren

Publisher:  David C. Cook (September1, 2011)
Pages:  400
Source:  I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review
Genre:  Middle Grade, Young Adult, Adult, Medieval Romance

Lisa T. Bergren has once again brought us into the middle ages with the third book in the River of Time Series.  Although I received an ARC I was unable to get y review up before now.  When it arrived my mother TOOK it from my desk and read it then passed it on to her best friend at church.  I finally got it back.  She loved the book as much as she did the first two.  She was glad things happened the way they did but felt like maybe there should be a fourth book.

I on the other hand was not discouraged when my mother told me most of the plot.  I am one of those people who must read it for myself.  She was right, Lisa did an awesome job with this third book.  I am waiting for a copy I have ordered to put on my shelves at school since my students are already into the series.
In this book we pick up where we left off in Cascade  but have many more twists and turns thrown in.  I really wish I could tell you what they were, but if I did that would give away the main plot.  Just know that if you like all things medieval and romance and loved the characters from the first two books that you really must read this one.