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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Two Amish and a Shaker

Sit back and prepare to enjoy these three books.  Although you might look at the covers and think that they are all Amish fiction, you will be suprised to learn that the last one is about the Shakers.  If you aren't familiar with them you can do do things. One look them up on the Internet and three read my review which will give you some insight.

The Missing – Beverly Lewis
Genre: Adult, Amish Fiction
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

This is the second book in the “Season’s of Grace” series. Grace Byler is dealing with so much in her life.  Her mother mysteriously left and didn’t tell anyone why.  Something had been bothering her for quite some time.  Grace is trying to help her father and around the house.  Then there is Heather, a young English woman who finally confides in Grace.  He lost her adoptive mom to cancer and now she has cancer. Her father wants her to take chemo like her mother, but she prefers to try naturopathy. She learns she was adopted from an Amish family and would like to find more. 
Grace’s father is a quiet man and confused with his wife’s behavior. Their bishop is threatening to shun her if she doesn’t return soon.  One thing Grace’s father is pretty sure of is that his in-laws know something about why Lettie left, but won’t speak of it. Grace breaks up with Henry and finds she suddenly has the attention of another young man named Yonnie.  There is even a problem with this situation. Her best friends has eyes for Yonnie and is upset with Grace.

In my opinion Grace was aptly named. She handles all of these situations with grace.  Nothing is resolved by the end of the book, yet you get a pretty good idea where this is heading and what some of the outcomes will be. Beverly Lewis has once again done an excellent job of creating a situation that will capture you and hold you until the end of the series.  I definitely recommend this book.

The Mercy – Beverly Lewis

Genre: Adult, Amish Fiction
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The Opinions expressed here are my own.

If you haven’t read the first two books in this series “The Thorn” and “The Judgment” I would suggest you do.
Briefly you have Rose Kauffman who was taking care of her mother after a buggy accident.  You have her sister Hen and her five year old daughter Mattie Sue. Hen had married an Englisher and then gone back home during which time her husband began divorce proceeding that threatened her custody of her daughter. Then there was her husbands car accident.  Rosie and her boyfriend Silas have had an on again, off again relationship.  Then there is Nick, the bishops adopted son who came from the English world and seems to have left for it again after the bishop’s son Christian is killed in an accident. Does Rosie love Silas or does she love Nick? Does Silas love Rosie or does he love Rehbeka?  All of that drama and more happened in the first two books. 

In this third book in the series, Beverly Lewis has tied up all of the loose ends. Rosie’s mother is finally going to have the back surgery that will hopefully alleviate the terrible pain she has been in for years.  Rosie is still having relationship issues. She turns Silas loose, but now there is another guy in the picture named Isaac.  Then Nick returns. Because of all that went on with the Bishop’s sons, he has been “silenced”. I found it inspiring that it was the Bishop God used to reach Hen’s husband.  He had made it clear he wanted nothing to do with the Amish and their ways. After being temporarily blinded and having to stay in the Amish community, thing have changed.  So now you are wondering what exactly has changed yes?  Well this is where I tell you that once again Beverly Lewis has done an excellent job of storytelling and that you really must read the book to find out how all of these conflicts were fixed or not.  This is another highly recommended series by a great author.

The Gifted  - Ann H. Gabhart
Genre: Adult, Historical Fiction
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Imagine growing up in a world where you can see God’s beauty all around you and follow your heart.  Now imagine that world is crushed by the death of a loved one.  Jessamine Brady lived in that world with her grandmother until the age of 10. When her grandmother died the Shaker community took her in.  This is where I really had to pay attention. I’d heard of the Shakers but really didn’t know anything about them.  I thought they were like the Amish.  Boy was I wrong.  I felt their beliefs were way out there, especially their belief about remaining celibate.  Men and women were equal in all ways.  They stayed separate.  They considered marriage  and procreation a sin.  I kept wondering how a people could get so messed up.  Jessamine remembers her life outside of the Shakers.  When she and her sister find a man in the woods and bring him back because he is injured, things change.  They are immediately drawn to each other. Tristan had lost his memory. When he gets it back he tells no one hoping to find out who tried to kill him.  However, the closer he and Jessamine get the more the Shakers are ready to send him packing.  That is exactly what happens and Jessamine goes with him. Tristin’s parents have made a marriage arrangement to save their finances.  Will Tristin and Jessamine stay together? If he leaves will she stay in this world or go back to the Shaker world?  If you want these answers you will definitely need to read the book for yourself.  It was definitely a different take on religion. The author did an excellent job of presenting the history of that time period.