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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tandem - Tracey Bateman

Publisher:  WaterBrook Press
Pages:  320
Source:  review copy from publisher
Genre: Adult, Christian, Fantasy

About This Book:
Six months ago, brutal murders shook the small Ozark town—murders that stopped after a house fire reportedly claimed the killer’s life. Lauryn McBride's family auction house has taken responsibility for the estate sale of one of the victims—the enigmatic Markus Chisom. Submerging herself in Chisom’s beautiful but strange world, Lauryn welcomes the reprieve from watching Alzheimer’s steal her father from her, piece by piece. She soon realizes that centuries-old secrets tie Abbey Hills to the Chisom estate and a mysterious evil will do anything to make sure those secrets stay hidden. Even the man who grew up loving her may not be able to protect Lauryn from the danger.

When Amede Dastillon receives an unexpected package from Abbey Hills, she hopes it might be the key in tracking down her beloved sister, long estranged from her family. Visiting Abbey Hills seems the logical next step in her search, but Amede is unusually affected by the town, and when mutilated carcasses begin turning up again in the small community, the local law enforcement isn’t sure if they are confronting a familiar evil or a new terror.

Two women brought together by questions that seem to have no answers.  Can they overcome the loss and darkness threatening to devour them—or will their own demons condemn them to an emotional wasteland?

My Thoughts: 
I will be the first to admit that I grew up loving vampire stories.  I always felt sorry for them because, raised as a Christian I always wondered, what happened if you were a Christian and were bitten and became a vampire.  Evidently Tracey Bateman had these same kind of thoughts.  One thing I really loved about this book is that it showed both kinds of vampires.  It showed those who were evil and those who truly wanted not to be what they were.

I loved the way Amede decided to follow in her father’s footsteps believing there was the possibility of redemption.  I also loved the way she helped Lauryn McBride realize the changes she needed to make in her own life so that she would not have the regrets that Amede had lived with.  I enjoyed the fact that I didn’t feel preached to.  The reason this is so important is that I have a student who has been reading adult books for quite a while.  She will devour anything about vampires.  

I know that she will be just as surprised at the ending as I was.  It took a major twist that has made me think about this book all day long.  Will I recommend this book?  You’d better believe it.  It was very good.  Since this was the first book I’d read by this author I figure I’d better check out some of her others.  I had read about “Thirsty” quite some time ago.  I was afraid I wouldn’t like it.  However,  I now have it on my to be read list.  If you aren’t sure whether this is a book for you then click on the link below and read the first chapter.  I guarantee you will like this book.

Author Bio:
Tracey Bateman lives in the Missouri Ozarks with her husband and family.  With more than thirty novels in print, including Thirsty and Tandem, Tracey spends all her time telling tales, creating characters, and dreaming of other worlds.


FTC Disclaimer:  I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange 

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Consuming – Todd Boyer

Publisher:  Outskirts Press
Pages:  230
Source:  Received a review copy
Genre:  Adult, Christian, Fantasy, Thriller, Suspense

Don’t let the genre “Christian Fiction” through you off.  This will appeal to both Christians and non-christians.  The was interesting.  What would happen if a demon were “trapped” in a human body while they tried to possess it?  This is what happens to the demon Ike in this story.  To make it interesting Max, another demon, decides to save his demon friend.  It is during his mission  to help his friend that he learns about a demon named Garrock.  Garrock is a warrior and is making plans to do away with Lucifer and bring on the apocalypse.  It was at this point my mind started racing.  As a Christian I kept thinking, “wow, I wonder how Lucifer would feel having the tables turned on him?”  To stop Garrock, Max has to become friends with Jack, the possessed man.  Then the three of them must stand together to try to stop Garrock.  I let my mother read this first.  She didn’t like it.  When I asked her why she said it was to much fantasy for her.  I knew then that I was going to love this.  Anytime you can mix all the genres I love together we have a win-win situation.  I was right.  I did love it. 
I also loved when the demon’s eyes were opened to the truth.  There is so much to love here on so many levels.  The characters were well thought out.  For me the story flowed so smoothly it kept me reading from beginning to end.  This is a must read for all fantasy, thriller, suspense lovers out there.  I guarantee you there is something for everyone in this book.  This is just the first book.  I can hardly wait for the second one to come out.