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Friday, July 12, 2024

Four Wonderful Books By Sarah Read

Genre: Children's Picture Books
Source: Purchased

A cute picture book that introduces to different unicorns with names that show their feelings. The book not only teaches kids about different feelings, but that it is okay to have them. In some cases it give them information on how to deal with them.

This is similar to many others the author has written. This is a book about feelings. Her characters are dinosaurs. The illustrations are wonderful. The setting for each dinosaur helps bring the picture to life, as well as the story. Since our youngest child learns to love reading through being read to. They will pick up a book with wonderful pictures first. This is one of those books.

This should be a book read to every kid getting ready to begin first grade. Through different animals we learn what first grade is about and how much fun it will be. The animals all show such excitement for first grade. Another great book by this author

Let me start by saying the cover of this book is adorable. It is full of dinosaurs in pajamas. A sweet bedtime story showing the dinosaurs preparing for bed. The author has covered quite a few. Most are well known to children, but some even I had not heard of. Cute way to prepare children for sleep.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Day Two Picture Books by Luna Lark

 Genre: Children's Picture Books

Source: I purchased

This is similar to the author’s egg book about feelings.  We have little dragons express a series of emotions, fear, joy, shyness, sorrow.  Each dinosaur is illustrated in a color that we usually associate with that emotion. Another cute book to have that talk with your child to explain emotions they may not understand and give them  ideas about how to handle them.


I love the way the author has each animal performing a night time ritual such as washing their hands or curling up for the night. This book gives the child a feeling of being loved by their mother and going to sleep feeling safe and secure.


A calm way to end the night is by reading about zoo animals as they prepare to go to sleep. As each animal snuggles with their parent a sense of calm surrounds them. A calming way to put your young one to sleep each night.

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Day One of Picture Books By Luna Lark

 Genre:  Children's Picture Books

Source:  I Purchased them.

This picture book has some of the most gorgeous illustrations I’ve seen in a long time. It is a simple
bedtime story of forest animal big brothers, letting their siblings know they love them. They show this through reading bedtime stories to them. They run through the meadows with them. Watch the moon, take night walks and howl at the moon together. They gather nuts, sit and snuggle. All of these things we do with our young ones and it makes it so relatable.

A great picture book for explaining to young children that it is okay to have all kinds of emotions and feelings. It also explains what they can do to handle those emotions. I enjoyed this because I often hear parents that it is not okay to get mad about something. They are essentially telling their kid that you can only have certain feelings.  Instead this book gives them a way to handle them all. I loved the fact that each egg was colored in a way most of us think of feelings. For example we are angry we think of red, sad we think of blue.   Simple and cute way to talk about feelings.

A great story to read before bedtime. It shows little dinosaurs with their mothers doing things together. They brush their teeth, have cookies and milk, meditate, read, listen to music.  All of these things are done to get the little one prepared for a good night sleep.

Monday, May 27, 2024

Pigs Have Wings by Kathleen Welton

Genre:  Children's Picture Book
Source:  I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Available June 16 on Amazon

My husband would be the first to tell you that I love all things about pigs. I grew up on a farm 
raising pigs. I had a collection ofpig figurines, I have stuffed pigs.  So, when the opportunity to read and review this book came along I was all in.

This is an inspirational book. For any child who loves to do something, but has been told that they can't because of the way they look, walk, talk, etc., this is the book they need to read, or have read to them. 

Miz Peg is a short, chubby pig. she loves to dance and sing. She tries to jump and leap and always falls. She wishes she was like a bird and could  fly high.  Her friends always tell her that pigs can't fly, meaning that because she is short and chubby she can't sing and dance.. While walking in the woods she sees a couple of birds who encourage her. They tell her if she believes hard enough she can do anything. That little bit of belief in herself is all it takes to show her friends that she can sing and dance.  This is a lesson we need to teach all children young and old.  Awesome book that every parent and every teacher should read to their youngest child.


Sunday, April 14, 2024

The Magic Sea Turtle by Kathleen Welton

Genre: Children's Picture Book
Source:  I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Myrtle is a young girl who dreams of being a queen one day. Then she falls from the sky to the ocean below. She meets Max the sea turtle and other animals from the sea. After spending a day with them she has one more wish to make. What will it be? A cute book for the youngest child. Every child has dreams of being more than they are. As they get older those dreams change. But, dreams must start somewhere and the best place is in the heart and mind of the youngest child.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Ten Bedtime Stories by Emily Hartmann


Sweet Dreams by Emily Hartmann

In this picture book the author takes us through the nightly rituals of loving animal parents putting their children to bed. We start with an elephant, giraffe and lion. We are taken on the nightly rituals of ten animals in all. The story is written in little rhymes. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful. Sitting beside your young one reading this bedtime story will relax them and prepare them to go to sleep.


Dad Loves Me

In an age where most books are about mommy and baby it is refreshing to see the other side. Within the beautiful illustrations we see different animal fathers doing different things with their young one. Whether is gliding through the night sky, flying a kite or sitting in a corner nibbling cheese, the author has created a beautiful bedtime story especially for fathers to read with their youngest.

Goodnight Kisses

Another cute bedtime story for children. Mother animals snuggle and cuddle their little ones as they prepare for a peaceful night of sleep. Great illustrations to put the youngest child at peace.


Mother’s Love

A quiet book to read at bedtime. This book shows the love a mother has for her child as they go about frolicking away the day.

I Love You My little Cub

Dolphins, lions, kangaroo and penguins are just a few of the animals we meet both parent and child. A comforting book to read at bedtime to show how much any child is loved.

Farm Animals

Nice bedtime story that shows how much fun and love the animals have for their children on the farm.


The Little Blue Monster

Everyone wants a friend, even a little blue monster. The little blue monster loves to read, paint and have picnics,  but he realizes it would be a lot more fun if he had a friend to share the good times with.

Nighty Night!

Snuggles and love are evident through the pictures in this cute bedtime story. Each animal lets their young one know how much they are loved.

Snuggle Time

A cute bedtime story that shows the importance of being grateful for everything we have.


Goodnight Farm Friends

A simple nighttime story to read to your youngest one as you snuggle them into bed. The illustrations of farm animals are wonderful.

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Two Great Easter Stories


LambsPress has a very nice Easter Coloring book. This simple book tells the Christian story behind the Celebration of Easter.  It is told in simple scenes from the story. At the end of the book there are alphabet pages that correspond with scenes in the story.  Very simple way to teach your children about Easter.

Faithful Pages Press has written a wonderful Easter story for ages 3-5.  It has hand drawn illustrations created by Aaron J. Masters. The combination of the simple, yet colorful illustrations along with a retelling of the reason we Christians celebrate Easter is told to hold the interest of young and old. I like reading and reviewing multiple books about the same topic.  In this way if the first one isn't for your or your child then maybe the second or third one will be. I definitely recommend this book to families.

Thursday, December 28, 2023

TenMore Picture Books, Some of My Favorite Stories and Authors

 A few more picture books that I reviewed right after Christmas.  I purchased each of the picture books and the opinions expressed here are my own.

The Adventures of Scotty Claus by David Scott Fields II

This was probably my favorite read over the two days I tried to read down my picture books on my Kindle. This is the story of a young man whose dream is to meet Santa Claus. One night his wish comes true. He learns that Santa has known his parents for years. Santa asks for him to help him deliver presents that night. As the night goes on he learns there is more to Christmas than receiving gifts.  He meets a special young girl named Ruth who is very sick.  Santa takes Scotty back to his workshop and lets him make a gift. He decides to make a snow globe for Ruth. Then Santa comes out to tell him who and what Christmas is really about. He even gives Scotty his personal Bible. He explains that he hopes one day Scotty will come to know the true gift that was given.   The end  of the book tells the story of the author and how for years his father played Santa for real. This is one of the most heart -felt and touching stories I have ever read. I highly recommend this book.

Things My Way by Sarah Read

Dominic is a young boy who likes to do things his way, or as he says it, "to the beat of his own drum." He does this at school, in sports and at home. Things down always go the way he planned. Mom has a way to teach Dominic that there is a time and a place to follow the directions. Read this wonderful and simple book to see if Dominic learns that lesson.

My Body Bubble by Michael Gordon

I loved this story. Annie is playing with her best friend Max when he falls down. She hugs him and doesn't get the reaction she expected. Her hug made him feel uncomfortable. This story is learning about personal spaces, or as the book calls it personal bubbles. I think I like this book so much because I have had people step too close to me and I take a step back and then draw a square in front of me saying, "Sorry, this is my space." They usually apologize and take a step back.  Great lesson to be learned and explained in a manner that all children, and adults can understand.

I Get Angry Like a Tiger by Michael Gordon

Once again the author has created a book that helps children deal with very common situation. Most young children get angry. If there is no one there to teach them how to handle those different emotions they usually handle it incorrectly. This book is great at teaching a strategy to deal with anger. In addition there are several common situations that kids get angry in and these situations and solutions are addressed in the book.

Georgie’s Long Goodbye by Bri Kozlowski

This was a strange but good story. Georgie has lost his grandmother. However, before she passed she became a part of a holographic computer program. She was sent back to the family for a time. Georgie does everything  with her. Then one day he can't find her. His mother explains that he has to learn to say goodbye. Georgie doesn't want to. He and his mother come to an agreement. This is a strange yet wonderful book about grieving for those we've lost.

Stories for Children 10 by Francois Bissonnette

I have always loved this author's stories. This is the story of Emily and Arabella. Emily is a human child whose parents read to her about Fairyland every night. One day Emily can't find her book.  The wise fairy visits Arabella and sets her on a quest to find the Fairyland Book. Without it Emily begins to forget the stories of Fairyland and Fairyland is beginning to disappear. Arabella must find this book and return it to Emily. The world building is awesome and the characters are lovable.  I recommend this author's books to everyone.

A Colorful Beginning by Raven Howell

A wonderful book to read to a child before they begin their first day of school, or to read to a class on their first day of school.  It shows them that no matter what their differences they are all better together. Plus, you get the added bonus of teaching children about mixing colors. A win, win if you ask me.

Balloons Over Broadway by Melissa Sweet

I love learning something from a picture book. This is the story of how we got the Macy's Day Parade. It started with a young boy who loved puppets and making things move. Tony Sang worked with Marionettes for years. Mr. Macy wanted to create a window display and hired Tony. Then he decided to create a parade for his employees and Mr. Sang helped with that. You will need to read the book to see how a simple window display evolved into the Macy's Day Parade we have today. I loved this book.

Bigger Than Alexander by Christopher Francis

A fun story of a young boy who is bigger than all of his classmates. Unfortunately he grows so big he no longer fits in the classroom or school.  However, the teacher knows there is something different and special about Alexander. There is something about him that is bigger than his size. Read the book to find out what it is that makes Alexander so special. Read this book by one of my favorite authors.

The Best Gift For Bear by Jennifer A. Bell

Hedgehog bakes gifts for all of her friends, but she doesn't know what to bake for her best friend bear. She sees the snow on her house and decides to bake bear a gingerbread house. She gets it all decorated and heads to bear's house. As she gets near the wind tears up her gift to bear. What will she give bear now?  Read this wonderful book about friendship.

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Nine Picture Books from Emily Hartmann

Continuing my review of children's picture books.  Here are several by author Emily Hartmann

Cuddle Up: Children's Book about Emotions and Feelings, Valentine's Day by Emily Hartmann

This is a wonderful book. Each animal parent in rhyme tells their child how they will protect them and how much they love them as they tuck them into bed for the night. This is a wonderful story to read at bedtime to your youngest child.

Grateful Hearts by Emily Hartmann

A cute book full of beautiful pictures that show animal families expressing their gratitude for what they have each and every day. Great for bedtime story.

I Feel Worried by Emily Hartmann

This book addresses worry that children feel so often. It addresses so many different things that children fear. They fear the dark. They fear the first time in a new place. They fear performing in front of others. They fear storms. The book also talks about ways to help deal with these fears to make yourself feel better. This is an opportunity for adults to talk with a young child and reassure them. It is also a time to share that adults have some of these fears as well and how they deal with them.

My Bad Mood by Emily Hartmann

This book addresses what children can do when they are in a bad mood. They can take a walk, draw, play music or love on a pet. Each of these activities are things that children love and can do to turn their mood around.

Make Good Choices by Emily Hartmann

This book is all about choosing the right things. Everyone adults and children need to make good choices. They need to choose to be friendly, to forgive, to be kind. We all need to beloving, calm, confident. We need to make good choices to  be healthy through food and exercise, and to be  generous, caring, brave. These are things we face every day, both young and old and it is up to us to teach the younger ones to make good choices.

Snuggle Up, Little Cub by Emily Hartmann

A cute bedtime story that shows different animals, parent and child telling them in a special way how much they love them and they snuggle together for the night.

How Animals Say I Love You by Emily Hartmann

A cute bedtime story where each animal tells their young one how much they love them, and what they will do together, or how they will protect them. The book showcases in rhyme; elephants, giraffes, tigers, hippos, rhinos, lions, zebras, flamingos and koalas.

The Feelings Animals by Emily Hartmann

A cute animal book that talks about emotions, how they make us feel and what we can do to help us with those emotions.

Good Night, Little Farm by Emily Hartmann

A simple and gentle story to read to your youngest at bedtime. The beautifully illustrated pictures along with the simple rhyming of a story well told will definitely lull your little one to sleep. The author has kept it simple using farm animals and their young to prepare them and your child for bedtime. Well done.

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Five Wonderful Picture Books From Different Authors

 Trying to read down books on my Kindle. I decided I would start with several of the picture books I have purchased. Sit back and enjoy them.

Source:  I purchased all of these books   Genre:  Children's Picture Books

Tree Full of Wonder by Anna Smithers

I really loved this book. I grew up on a farm and outside my bedroom window was a giant maple tree. I loved the shade it provided, the colors that came in the fall. This book shows the connections we have with trees and all the things we need them for. The pictures are beautiful.  The end of the book has a section with pictures of different types of trees and asks you to find them in the book. Then there is a page that tells what we use trees for.

Over and Under the Pond by Kate Messner

This is a wonderful picture books that takes the reader on a journey to a pond. While a mother and her young son row across the top of the pond, the young boy learns about animals and insects that live both above and below the water. The reader learns the connections both have to the other. There is an author’s note at the back that tells more about these systems. There is also a page that tells the reader about four animals listed in the book.

Unspoken: Communicating Beyond Words by Cara Cusack

This book is beautiful in illustrations and in the message it conveys. We read the stories of children who do not speak verbally. Each one of them speak in their own manner, whether it is through music,  dance, artwork. They are able to communicate with the world in such a beautiful manner, showing us that we are all different and we can all communicate given what we have.

Inside the Pencil Box by Avni Saxena

I really loved this story. It is the story of how the pencil got an eraser on its end. ; This author's imagination is wonderful. She created a pencil box that had two kingdoms living in it. One was the kingdom of pencils the other was the kingdom of erasers. Each thought the other was better. It wasn't until they set out to prove it and ruined Emma's homework that they realized they were both wrong.  The solution to the problem was an imaginative genius.  I absolutely loved this book. I would definitely read more by this author.

Overcomers by Joy Ohagwu

What a wonderful book of faith. When Claudia is approached by a man who tells her if she is a woman he will kill her, she takes off running. Running away isn't enough. She prays for God to protect and hide her. She then races to warn everyone she sees. As she nears home she sees her sister running toward danger. Once she catches up to her sister she sees how much faith her younger sister has.  They both pray for the safety of their friends and family members while danger passes them by. This is a wonderful book complete with scripture that  tells us why we should not be afraid.  I will recommend this to everyone I see as well as check out any other books by this author.

Sunday, December 24, 2023

Four Wonderful Children's Christmas Books

 I should have gotten these reviews out earlier. However, I know that the weeks before Christmas break are full of testing at school so this year it didn't happen. However, these books would be a beautiful way to begin your holiday celebrating next Christmas with your little ones. Sit back and see what  can be in store for them.

The Nativity Story Advent Calendar for Toddlers and Kids by MamTalk

A wonderful book for children ages 3-5.  It not only tells the story of the birth of Jesus, but also is full of activities that children and families can do each day leading up to Christmas day. It teaches children about gratitude and the true gift of giving of themselves. As you read it also prepares children to put on a play about the meaning of Christmas and also has masks to cut out to help with the play. This is another wonderful book from MamTalk

Nativity Story Directly from the Bible: The Birth of Jesus Christmas Book for Toddlers, Kids, Preschoolers, Little Boys and Girls

Let me start by saying that the pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I love that it is not only a retelling of the birth of Christ, but done in scripture that kids can undestand. This is the kind of story that as a child would entice me as I got older to read the story from the Bible on my own. One of a few children's books I have seen that give the actual scripture reference to children.

The Nativity: A Bible Study Book for Young Scripture Explorers by Pure Lily Press

I enjoyed this book immensely. Growing up, Every Christmas Eve started with the reading of the story from the Bible. I remember being bored when I was only 5 or 6 because I didn't really understand the story read straight from the Bible. As I got older it made sense.  This book would have been perfect. You have the top of each page straight from the scripture for older children and then the bottom of the page is a condensed  version of it complete with scripture reference for the much younger child. Just a piece of personal info, I did carry that tradition on with my own children and have had the pleasure of watching my daughter carry this on with her children. Books like these are so important and this                                                 is one of the best I have seen.

The Nativity Book by Faithful Pages Press

Another beautiful retelling of the Christmas story. In this book for children 3-8 we have the beautiful retelling of the birth of Christ. At the bottom of the pages the scripture reference. I guess the reason I really like the picture books with the scripture reference is because we can sit with our youngest and show them where we find it in our Bible. This introduces them to one of the most important books around. The pictures are simple, yet beautiful. This is another wonderful book I will recommend to parents and grandparents everywhere.