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Sunday, April 16, 2023

Spike: The Penguin With Rainbow Hair by Sarah Cullen, Carmen Ellis

Genre; Children’s Picture Book
Source: Purchased

I absolutely loved this book. I loved it so much I read it to my husband. He laughed and said I was being a teacher. However, he loved it as well. I am a sucker for stories that rhyme. They did a wonderful job with that. The story is of a young penguin born with a tuft of rainbow colored hair on top of his head. His parents are so proud of him and name him Spike. Spike is not fond of his hair and tries everything he can to make his rainbow colored hair go away. The lesson to be learned is that we are all different and we don’t need to be the same to fit in. This is a wonderful book to teach such a wonderful lesson geared for the youngest of children.

The Illustrator,  Zuzana Svobodova is a wonderful artist. The colors she chose are soft and colorful, except for his bright tuft of hair. The penguins are cute and cuddly. I kept thinking that I would love to have a stuffed penguin who looked just like Spike. I personally think it would be a beautiful addition to go with the book. I will still share this with my grandchildren. They love reading them even if they are older and read on their own. It is all in how you present it to them. Highly recommended to parents, grandparents and teachers.

Friday, March 17, 2023

Easter story About Jesus by MamTalk Publishing


Genre: Children's Picture Book, Christian

Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

I love these books by Mamtalk. This is the story about why we celebrate Easter. In a day and age where children focus on the "Easter Bunny" and candy, it is nice to see someone who wants to promote the true reason for the Holicay. The story is told in a simple manner so that the youngest child can understand. The pictures are simple, yet bright and colorful. What I love more than anything is that as the child grows older the reader can use the scripture text that accompanies the book. A great way to teach about Easter and a great way teach kids to love reading the Bible.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Henrietta Hedgehog's Prickly Problem by Carole P. Roman

Genre: Children's Picture Book
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

 I have long been a fan of Carole P.  Roman's Books. I was excited to receive this one in the mail. Henrietta is a hedgehog who is teased at school about her looks. She tries to disguise herself. All this accomplishes is hurting another animal's feelings. Henrietta learns from other animals that they are all different for a reason and being different is okay. This is a lesson that so many children need to hear. Every day I hear kids complaining about what someone said about the way they look. As a teacher it breaks my heart to hear this from any student. Excellent book, a must read.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

The Nativity Story For Children


Genre:  Children's Picture Book
Source:  I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Growing up I remember my mother reading the story of Christ's birth straight from the Bible before we opened Christmas presents. As a teen I had the privilege of doing it. When my children came along my mother once again would read the story while the grandchildren sat on her lap. This beautiful picture book has two beautiful things in one. It is straight from the Bible, yet it has beautiful pictures to accompany it. As a younger child I didn't understand all of the words. Having this book would have helped me understand this. My grandchildren are much older, yet this is the book I will take to my daughter's house to read to them. They will get the benefit of both God's word and beautiful pictures to help them understand. This should be a must read in every house at Christmas time.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

The Nativity Book For Toddlers by Kidsup Publishing

Genre: Children's Picture Book
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

This is the perfect Christmas story to read to your young toddler. They have taken the Christmas story straight from the Bible and told it in a manner that your young toddler will understand. They have paired it will beautiful illustrations that your child will want to spend hours looking at. This would be a great story to read every year for young and old.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

The Real Story of Christmas by Mam talk Publishing


Genre: Children's Pictue Book

Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review

I have to applaud Mam Talk for such a beautiful book.  The story is taken straight from the Bible. They give the scripture reference so parents can find it in the Bible. They have a shortened version for the youngest child and a longer version for the older child. The text is even divided. The first page is for the younger child and is written on a darker blue background. The version for older children is on the next page on a lighter background. The beautiful pictures are similar on both pages. For me the most important part is that they did not shy away from the Biblical story of Christmas. This company has quickly become one of my favorites for children's picture books. Every parent, grandparent who wants to make sure that their child learns the true story of Christmas should check out Mam Talk's books.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Summertime With Snowman Paul by


Genre: Children's Picture Book

Source: I received a copy from BookBub to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

I have an affinity for snowman stories. This is absolutely delightful. The idea of a snowman wanting to hang around in the summer is wonderful. Paul loves Fall, Winter and Spring. However, as much as he wants to hangout in summer he just can't seem to fit in. Even an ape at the zoo laughs at him. His best friend Dan finds a way to help his snowman friend.

The rhyming in this book is wonderful. I loved the fact the author used words like "chagrin". It is always a plus when authors don't dumb down books. I want to provide books for my grandchildren that will challenge them.  This is an author I will definitely read again.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Mr. Pancake Turkey by Christopher Francis


Genre: Children's Picture Book

Source: I received a copy from BookBub to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

A really cute picture book about a farmer who is concerned because his turkey won’t plump up. He takes him to the vet, a Zoo and other places. He feeds him extra, yet he still won’t plump up. What is a farmer to do?  After all Thanksgiving is coming and he needs a plump turkey. This was a fun book to read. It begs the question, which is more important, food or a friend?

Friday, June 24, 2022

Two Books by MamTalk Publishing


Scissor Skills Workbook  for 2 Year Old and Older Kids by MamTalk Publishing

Genre: Children, craft/skills book
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

One thing I liked at the beginning is that we have a page that explains why this type of activity is important for kids. Right below that are rules for parents to share with their child about using scissors. They can read them, and demonstrate the rule. As a middle grades teacher I still have to go over these rules with my students at times. This book reminded me of papers I got the first time I took a sewing class. They are simple lines to teach kids the beginning cutting movements.  They begin to get more complicated. Finally they get to picture that use those basic movements to cut out the picture.  If you are an adult who has to cut something more than a straight line then this would be great practice for your as well. Great starter for using scissors.


Springtime Rhymes for Kids: Poetry about Spring by MamTalk Publishing

Genre: Children's Picture Book, Poetry
Source: I purchased a copy

I purchased this book to see what else this company had to offer. I was not disappointed. This is a book of discovery about spring. The words are lyrical in their rhyming.  Then there are the pages that have small pictures about individual items found. For example on the page where they show flowers that bloom you have them identified as “D” is for Daffodil, “T” is for Tulip. So we have a list of words to teach children to pronounce. Did I mention the beautiful and bright pictures? Since I teach in a K-8 school I think these books would be perfect for our pre-k or kindergarten classes.

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Teaching Children Responsibility

 Below are four children's picture books that are wonderful for Pre-k  and up. These cute stories have wonderful lessons to go with them.

It’s Not My Fault by Michael Gordon

Vigbert is an alien from outer space. He likes playing with his friend Austin. The problem is when Vigbert breaks or spills things he lies about it or argues about whose fault it is. This book is all about standing up and taking responsibility for your actions. A very cute way of teaching the youngest child how to do just that.


It’s the Rules by Michael Gordon

This cute book teaches children the importance of following rules. It shows how they keep them safe and keeps chaos out of the way. Michael Gordon has chosen rules that all children must follow and given the important reason for doing so.


When I Lie by Michael Gordon

Heidi has been telling lies to her parents. At first it seems harmless. As she goes along her stomach is upset and she doesn’t feel well. She fears she will get caught. Sure enough she does and her parents sit with her and explain why telling the truth is a big deal. Once again the author has put his characters in a position that most very young children will find themselves in at one point or another. A great source for teaching young kids about the importance of telling the truth.


I Didn’t Do It By Sarah Read

This is another example for young children about learning to take responsibility for their actions. Each time Sophia is caught doing something she should not be doing the adult in her life gently corrects her. A nice way of teaching this to kids.

Monday, March 28, 2022

Dayana, Dax, and the Dancing Dragon

Written by Ballerina Konora and Illustrated by Olha Tkachenko

Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.
Genre: Children's picture book

                This was a mother-daughter collaboration.  The story is beautiful. Dayana  eagerly awaited the arrival of her new brother. She couldn’t wait to dance with him. When he arrived she was disappointed he couldn’t do anything. This didn’t prevent her from loving him and playing with him. One day while dancing for him he rolls onto his back and makes some baby sounds. Kadeena the dancing dragon appears and dances first  with her baby brother then with Dayana.

                Here is what made me love this story. First you have a story filled with love. There is the love of dance, the love shared between  a young girl and her brother, and the love of dance.  On each page you have Ballerina Konora showing the young child how to dance certain steps. Not only does she demonstrate a unique and fun way to do the different movements, but she also uses the dance terminology.  It is a fun interactive book. I know of no mother who has not picked up their child and danced with them. This is fun  to read.

                I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the illustrations. They are fun, bright and colorful. The drawing are realistic enough that older children and adults will love the pictures. They are bright and playful enough for the youngest child.  Overall this is a beautiful book. I look forward to reading the others in this series.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

A Boy's Best Friend by Janice Ford

Genre: Children's Picture Book
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

This is a collection of five short stories. The first story is “Steven Meets Stuart”. Steven loves animals. He has done a lot of research. He wants a pet. He chooses what he believes is the perfect pet a puppy. He tries to persuade them to get him one for Christmas. He finds nothing under the tree that would be a puppy. Imagine his surprise when his dad brings in a surprise box.

The second story is “Adventure Time with Steven and Stuart”.

Steven loves his new dog.  What is even better is that he has learned his dog can talk to him. One day while exploring the woods behind his house he hears a noise in a bush. He finds a bunny who is stuck. Stuart tells Steven the problem and he is able to help the bunny.

The third story is “The Great Big Monster!”

Like a lot of children, Steven is scared of storms, especially when the wind sounds like a monster outside his window.  Stuart jumps in bed with Steven but is just as scared. But mothers always make things better. Steven and Stuart are allowed to sleep in their parent’s bed.

The fourth story is “Steven Makes a New Friend”.

Steven and Stuart are exploring their neighborhood when they come across a small girl with a stuffed elephant. She looks sad. Steven learns she wants to go into the forest to pick some flowers for her mom. However, the last time she went in she got lost.  Steven and Stuart are there to help this little girl.

The final story in this collection is “School is Fun”.

Steven loves his dog Stuart so much. He is excited to let his dog know that their teacher is allowing the students to bring their pet to school for a special project.  Steven can’t wait to show his dog to all of his classmates. It is one of his best days ever.

This collection was a joy to read. It was bubbly and showed how much love and friendship can come from having a pet. It also shows how we can be there for others.  Another great job from this author.

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Ten More Wonderful Picture Books

Here are the rest of the books my theatre class and I read. Maybe you will find one that you really like.

Rabbit Makes a Monkey out of Lion byVerna Aardema

Rabbit and Bush-rat have found some honey and begin eating it until lion comes along. He tells them it is his honey. They get away by fooling the lion. This is called “making a monkey” out of him. The next day rabbit goes back with turtle. Once again they get away by fooling the lion. The lion realizes that the rabbit is behind all of this and decides to hide in rabbit’s house and gobble him up when he returns home. The rabbit is smart and fools the lion once again.

Federico and the Wolf by Rebecca J. Gomez

This is a modern Spanish version of the Red Riding Hood story. It is full of Spanish words and rhymes. Federico must do some shopping for his mom and take it to his grandfather’s shop. He is met by the wolf. The wolf rushes off to the grandfather’s shop. Of course Federico get the best of the wolf and rescues his grandfather.

Cindy Ellen A Wild Western Cinderella by Susan Lowell

This is a western re-telling of the Cinderella story. This version takes place in the old west. Instead of a ball they have a rodeo and a square dance. Instead of a glass slipper, Cindy Ellen has diamond studded spurs. Instead of turning a pumpkin into a carriage she rides in a stage coach. This was a fun and refreshing twist on a common fairytale.

The Girl Who Wore Too Much by Margaret Read MacDonald

This a folktale from Thailand. This story tells about a young girl who has been spoiled by her parents. They have given her the best of everything. When the young girls of the village are invited to a party Aree can’t decide which of her finest dresses, or beautiful jewelry to wear. She puts one dress on over another. The she puts all of her jewelry on. She thinks she will be the most beautiful girl there. She meets her friends outside. The hold their laughter in. As they walk along Aree can’t keep up and is left behind. Her friends come back for her twice. Both times when they try to help her she stops them because she doesn’t want her dresses messed up. She never makes it to the dance. The next morning her friends find her where she had sat down. She has no strength to move. They get her parents who realize and help her realize how wrong they were for giving her everything.

Oh, Kojo! How Could You! By Verna Aardema

In this African tale an old man named Ananse is a trickster. One day Tutuola goes to the river and asks the spirit of the river for a son. He warns her that the son will not want to work but will one day repay her. She goes home and is given a son. One day the son tells his mom he needs some gold because he wants to go to the market. On the way he meets Ananse and buys a dog from him. The second time Ananse tricks him into buying a cat. The final time he tricks him into buying a dove. On the way back home the dove tells him she is the queen mother of the chief of her village. If he will return her then her son will reward him. He takes the dove home and the son gives him a magic ring. He wishes for a village and people. Then he wishes for food to feed the people. Ananse is mad and believes the ring should be his. He steals it back. Kojo send the cat and dog to get the ring back. He is warned that Ananse will try to poison the animals. The cat doesn’t follow directions, but the cat does and returns the ring to Kojo. That is why cats are honored to this day.

Imogene’s Last Stand by Candace Fleming
Imogene loves history. She is saddened that the old historical society building is falling apart. She and her dad fix it up and she is ready for people to tour this wonderful place. However, no one comes. No one seems interested, especially after they learn that a shoelace factory is going to be put there and will put them on the map. Imogene tries everything. She even writes to a famous historian. The day the bulldozers arrive she locks herself in stocks. When they ask her father what he is going to do about it he joins her. People come and hang out. The mayor shoes up and so does the historian along with the President. They declare the house a historical monument and save the building and all of its history. The book is full of historical quotes and tidbits of history. This book shows that one person can make a difference.

We Forgot Brock by Carter Goodrich

Phillip’s best friend is Brock. No one else can see him. They call him Phillip’s imaginary friend. One day they go to the fair and Brock rides on the rides with Phillip. When Phillip goes to get some cotton candy Brock rides other rides. Brock gets sleepy and falls asleep in his father’s arms. They leave the fair, leaving Brock behind. Brock realizes Phillip is gone and begins to cry. He gets on the Ferris Wheel to get a better look and can’t find him. A young girl and her imaginary friend Princess Sparkle-Dust invite him home with them. Eventually they run into Phillip. Now when Phillip and Brock play with Anne and Princess Sparkle-Dust everyone thinks they are talking to each other.

Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes

Chrysanthemum, a tiny mouse loves her name until she starts school. Some of the kids make fun of her name. It isn’t until their music teacher, whom they all love,  tells them she too is named after a flower, that they change their mind.

The One and Only Dylan St. Clair by Kamen Edwards

Dylan spent his summer at theater camp. He is excited for the school play. There are no auditions, instead the teacher hands out the parts. Dylan is given the part of a squirrel in space. He is not happy at all. A kid playing the part of Saturn doesn’t like his role. It is through telling Dylan how lucky he is that Dylan decides he really does have the best part.

The Tale of Rabbit and Coyote by Tony Johnston
This is a wonderful Mexican folktale. In this version the rabbit tricks the coyote many times. He then climbs a ladder to the moon. That is why coyotes howl at the moon. Instead of referring to the man in the moon, they refer to the rabbit in the moon.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Six Wonderful Books.

  In my sixth grade theater class we have been reading picture books. Students will be turning them into scripts and then performing these small skits for the elementary students.  Here are the first of them

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates by Ryan T. Higgins

This is one of the picture books my sixth graders chose to turn into a script for theater.  I laughed so hard listening to them discuss this book.  Penelope is a dinosaur and on her first day at school with humans she eats them. Then yuck, the teacher makes her spit them out. She just can't seem to help herself. For me, one of the funniest parts was when she got home and her parents asked how her first day went. She cried and told them she had no friends and her dad asked her, "Did you eat your classmates?"  It will take something happening to her for her to learn the fear her classmates felt at being eaten.  The title is hilarious, the story is funny and the pictures are charming.  Loved this book.


Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall

This is a cute book about a young boy at the pool with his brother and father. He has finished his swim lessons and wants to go off of the high dive. Fear over takes him. He tells his dad that maybe he'll jump next time. He begins to make excuses. The way he comes to his final decision reminded me of the self-talk kids and adults do when they are afraid. My sixth grade students loved this book.



The Barnabus Project by The Fan Brothers

Beneath the Perfect Pets store was a secret lab where they created Perfect Pets. Barnabus was half mouse and half elephant. He lived below the store in an area of the lab called failed projects. The guys in rubber suits fed the failed projects. Pip the cockroach told Barnabus all about the outside world. That is where Barnabus wanted to go. One day the men in rubber suits came in and stamped "failed" on all of their glass jars. Pip explained that since they were failed projects they had to be recycled. Barnabus decided to escape instead. Along the way they find another failed project who helps him reach his goal.



Creepy Carrots! by Aaron Reynolds

Jasper Rabbit loves chowing down on the carrots in Crackenhopper Field. They are free so he is
constantly eating them. Then one day he goes to get a carrot and thinks he hears something. He sees and hears carrots in the shed, his bedroom, and the bathroom. He gets so freaked out he decides to build a fence to keep the creepy carrots in, and keep anyone from eating them. This is exactly how the carrots planned to build a fence keep them in and keep anyone from eating them. This is exactly how the carrots planned it to end. I loved this book.

The Empty Pot by Demi

Honesty is the best policy. In this wonderful story we find Ping, a young boy able to grow just about anything. The emperor, like the other people in his empire, grows his own flowers. It is something he loves. He knows he is getting older and won't be able to continue so he must find someone to rule his kingdom when he is gone. He calls all of the children together and gives them each a seed. He says they are to tend it for a year then come back and he will choose. No matter what Ping tries his seed won't grow. He, unlike all the other children come with an empty pot and admits he tried his best, but couldn't get the seed to grow. He is chosen to be the next emperor because of his honesty

The Picky Eater by Betsy Parkinson

Piper the pig is a picky eater. I found this funny because pigs will eat just about anything. Whenever they make her try anything new they only make her try five bites. Finally her parents have had enough and tell her she has to eat more than just the five bites.  Like most children, when Piper gets hungry enough she tries other foods and realizes she likes them.  This is typical of most children. Another great book I highly recommend.

The Tree and the Girl by Andrea Hahnfeld

Genre: Children's Picture Book
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review, the opinions expressed here are my own.

This is a beautiful story of love and sacrifice.  In a forest lives a fir tree with its brothers.  He is magnificent, unlike his brothers. His vanity gets the best of him. Standing tall and proud, looking down on his not so perfect brothers he is noticed by someone out looking for a perfect Christmas tree.  His brothers had tried to protect him and are sad he is being chopped down.  He is taken home and decorated. He wishes he is back in his forest.  One night a young homeless girl comes and looks in the window at the warm fire and notices the tree.  This happens night after night. One night so cold and hungry she collapses. When death comes for her the tree is willing to give up his life for hers.  This is a beautiful story you will want to read every year to your young ones, and for yourself.

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Rodney the Rabbit Learns About Healthy Food by Janice Ford



Genre: Children's Picture Book
Source: I received a copy for review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

What a wonderful way to teach children about healthy eating. Children will love the cute characters and colorful pictures. The book is a series of short stories, almost like chapters that follow Rodney, a little white rabbit. Rodney, unlike his brother, sister and parents would rather eat candy. He had found candy in a human house. His mom tries to convince him that eating candy all the time is not healthy and will damage his teeth. After hurting his teeth Rodney sets out to find healthy foods that he will enjoy.  I love how the author spoke of fruit as nature's candy. That in itself will often entice children to eat more fruit.  This is a book that I think should be in most kindergarten classrooms. The younger the child, the earlier we want to teach them about healthy eating.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Charlotte's Snowman by Lainey Dee


This is a book that took me back to my childhood. The illustrations are simple, colorful, yet beautiful. Snowmen have always been a favorite of mine. So when I was asked to read and review this book it was a definite yes. I was expecting to read something similar to "Frosty the Snowman" and hoping it was different. I am happy to say it is.  Charlotte is so excited to find it has snowed and there is enough to make a snowman. She adds all of the usual things, stone eyes, stick mouth and arms, and a carrot nose.  It took me back to my childhood in Indiana.  I loved building snowmen.  I would look outside every day to make sure my snowman was still there. When we had a warm snap I was saddened because I knew that one day my snowman would melt. Unlike me, Charlotte built a snowman who was magical. It saddened her when the sun melted him. Her story turned out with an upbeat ending. 

The illustrations and the wonderful storytelling will charm children. This is a book I will see is on the shelves of our preschool and kindergarten classes. 

Monday, November 22, 2021

Grandma Rina’s Stories by Rina Barkan

Four wonderful books by one author, cute with a short message.

Baby Crocodile

Baby Crocodile swims with his mom and dad eating meat all day. One day he decides he is going to stop eating meat. His parents tell him he will have to leave the lake to find other kinds of food. He leaves and discovers that the food he needs is in his own lake.


Here’s a Story About a Zebra
Zebra Grevy is not like the other zebras. She has thin stripes and a white belly. The other zebras make
fun of her. Other animals tell her she is unique and should be celebrated for her uniqueness. She tries to be like them but she is a zebra. Then she finds a zebra who likes her and they make their own herd where all are welcomed no matter what they look like.


Who is More Important?

A traveler goes on a hike. When he gets tired he lays down next to a stream of water and quickly falls asleep. The different parts of his body start complaining because he is laying on rocks and thorns. His body parts start arguing about who is the most important. They finally decide to stop arguing about who is the most important and work to roll the traveler into a grassy meadow; off of the rocks and thorns.


Five Flavors King and Queen

In this book we discover there are five flavors. The King loves eating sweets. He sneaks down at night and eats and eats until he starts getting fat. His wife, the Queen tries to block the fridge. When she has it unblocked the King finds it full of sour and salty things. He eats so many of them his blood pressure goes up.  The king must learn how to eat healthy foods and that there are different types of flavors.

Monday, June 28, 2021

It's All About Family Five Books by Michael Gordon

 Genre:  Children's Picture Books

Source: Purchased

I’m a Big Brother Now

Reading this book was like watching my own son and daughter, Henry was excited to get a new sister. He did everything he could for her. He looked forward to the day when she would grow bigger and they could play together and go to school together.


My Big Brother

Another story that reminded me of my own two children. Brad helps his mom by playing with his sister Kate. He teaches her how to clean up. This gives his mom a break. It also teaches his sister valuable things.


My Super Dad

Davy’s dad can do anything. He is always there for Davy. He plays with him, fixes him soup, scares monsters away. For these reasons Davy’ dad is his superhero.


My Super Mom

Jamie sees his mom as a superhero because she is always there when he is hungry, hurt or wants to play. Jamie’s mom is a superhero to him because she is a good mother.


Best Brothers

Jake is happy to have Jude as his brother. They play together, tell jokes and get along real well. They are not only great brothers but best friends.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

The Dragon Talks/ The Big Boy Potty/When You Grow Up by Michael Gordon


 Genre: Children's Picture Books

Source: I purchased


The Dragon Talks

Gab the dragon likes to talk. He talks so much no one else can talk. When Gab loses his voice he begins to listen and learns that listening to others is very important.

The Big Boy Potty

Potty training is never easy. This would be a great book to start reading to your little one before you start potty training. This book would get them excited about growing up and going potty and getting rid of their diapers.


When You Grow Up

Mom shares with her daughter Maddie how much she loves her. Then she starts telling her all the wonderful things she can grow up to do. Most importantly mom wants her to know she wants her to grow up to be kind, healthy and a wonderful person.