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Friday, July 5, 2024

One Minute After You Die by Erwin W. Lutzer


Genre:  Christian Nonfiction

Source:  I purchased a copy

Fow me this was an inspirational book, a confirmation of what I have known since I was a child. Things I wondered about were made clear. I always wondered about people who said they spoke to their long dead loved ones. I remember asking my mother at such a young age about that, and she said that it was demons pretending to be their loved one.  This book spoke about people who have had near death experiences.  I have no doubt that in some cases they have had a glimpse of something God allowed them to see.  I remember reading an account when I was a teen of a man who said he had died and felt the flames of hell burning his feet. This happened twice and in the end he repented and lived for the Lord.  I have no proof that these things really happened. What I do know for sure, as my mother said for years, one minute after you die you will be in heaven or in hell.

I choose to live my life for the lord.  This is not popular today. I have gotten in trouble several times for answering questions asked of me at school and someone with a differing opinion, or someone who was mad at me said something to those above me. I’ve been in trouble before. If that is what I must endure for God then so be it.  This is a book full of scripture explaining Biblically what we can expect. It is one that I highly recommend.