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Friday, November 26, 2021

Miraculous "A Whale of a Tale" by Walter Rouzer


Genre:  Middle Grade Fantasy

Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review The opinions expressed here are my own.

Anyone who knows me as a reader knows I read books for two reasons. The first is because I love reading books of all genres and levels. The second is to pass on great books to my students.  This is one of those books. Hailee is a character I want my students to get to know. Why? I teach middle school and that is the most difficult time for most kids. Kids can be really cruel during this period of their life to others who are different.  Sometimes that cruelty, even though wrong is brought about by fear and a lack of understanding. That doesn’t justify it. It only explains why some kids are cruel when they see others who are different.

Hailee is born with physical issues as well as being mute. She is delivered by a veterinarian at a zoo who agrees to keep her because her parents reject her.  Trust me, the veterinarian is not really being kind to Hailee.  Hailee is put on display in the zoo like one of the animals. She is called the “Mushroom Monster”.  You would think that as she grows up she would be depressed and down.  Hailee is not this type of person. Mr. Higgins the zookeeper teaches Hailee that all beings have worth.  Hailee uses these lessons to help not only herself, but the animals around her. That is what I love about this story and this author. He created a character with a survival attitude full of hope. As sad and depressing as the story is at times it is also full of hope and a message about showing empathy and kindness.  Well done.