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Saturday, June 29, 2024

Student Saturday: Dog Driven by Terry Lynn Johnson


Genre: Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction
Student Reviewer: Levi M.

I read a book called Dog Driven. It is about a fourteen-year-old girl named McKenna who is trying to win a competition to earn a job. The job everyone is trying to get is delivering mail in a dog sled. So Mckenna and her little sister are trying to win the race to get a job. But the only problem is McKenna's sister is battling an eye disease, so it is hard for her to see, and McKenna must raise/train a bunch of dogs, so they are ready for the race. 

            McKenna and her sister were so nervous about the race because they had to travel 113 miles in horrible weather and had to beat 50 other teams in this race. McKenna's team is good and strong so they should not have a problem coming close to winning. Halfway through the race McKenna was passing everyone and she was so far ahead. The weather was starting to get intense the snow is getting thicker and taller. At this point, the dogs are having an extremely challenging time getting through the snow. About 20 minutes later someone came on the loudspeakers and said everyone had to return to a safe location because there was a huge blizzard rolling in. So McKenna and her team hid under a huge cliff. Do you think they survived and won the race? 

 I recommend this book to someone who likes a book that is entertaining and if you like dogs. One of the reasons I liked this book is because I love dogs, and this was an interesting book.