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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

New Release From Kandi J. Wyatt


Exalted is releasing on 11/1/2022 and is on pre-order for 99 cents from 9 to 27-9/29.


If achieving your dreams consumed your very self, would you pay that price?

Hest’s titles seem to constantly multiply—dragon rider, warrior, husband, king—and he's working hard to live up to them all, even if each one seems to require more from him than the last. Between suffering beggars, jealous nobles, and a gang of violent thieves plaguing the capital, he can hardly find time to spend with his wife, let alone his dragon. And while he sleeps, one dark dream is repeating--an old enemy, come to destroy everything he loves.

Fearing what feels like a prophecy, Hest tries to protect his new wife, but his attempts only alienate her. He seeks comfort in the bond with his dragon, but even then he must be vigilant against losing himself in it and taking on the draconic form that terrifies his people and steals his mind. Then the unthinkable happens: he and Usheen are shot out of the sky, captured and brought to face powers far beyond his imagining.

Hest will do what it takes to keep his family and his kingdom safe, but at what cost? Will there be anything left of him when it is over?

Exalted is the third book in the coming-of-age fantasy series, Four Stars over Ardatz: Sovereigns. If you like addicting stories, vividly-written tales, and vibrant characters, you’ll love Kandi J Wyatt’s book.

Start reading Exalted today to live your dreams!

 Only $0.99 to pre-order from 9/27-9/29!


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Kandi J Wyatt lives with dragons, most in human form--and some even blow fire! She spends her days providing space for teens to be themselves, inspiring them to be more than meets the eye, and spilling hope into their world. When she's not hanging out with fictional characters, Kandi's chilling with family watching anime or playing games. Her toddler granddaughter keeps her running--often in circles--and full of joy.

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