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Saturday, February 11, 2023

Student Saturday: I Survived the Hindenburg Disaster by Lauren Tarshis

Student Reviewer: Langdon B.
Genre: Middle Grade, Historical Fiction

This book is based on the Hindenburg disaster of 1937. “I Survived the Hindenburg Disaster: is about Hugo and his family taking a four thousand mile journey across the ocean to save his four year old sister Gertie. While living in Africa she contracted Malaria and had become very  sick and needed to go back to America. Tis trip was no vacation to  Hugo. He was worried for his sister. Because he had always wanted to fly on the Hindenburg he was amazed he was finally flying on it. Once on the Hindenburg Hugo and his family dropped off their bags and explored it.  While exploring, Hugo found a girl his age named Marty. They became good friends and talked about their adventures around the world. They talked for hours and even met each others’ family. The next day at breakfast Hugo, Marty and their families sat together and chatted about all sorts of things. A Nazi officer walked through the dining room. Everyone froze in fear as he started talking about how a U.S. spy had stolen a top secret Nazi document and was now on the Hindenburg. Marty’s Dad, who rode on the Hindenburg regularly said they had seen no spy activity but would be on the lookout. The Nazi said something in German and left. I feel everyone should check this book out, especially if they wat to read the end.

All in all, “I Survived the Hindenburg: is a short read for all ages. It’s an amazing story based on a true event in history, meaning you’re reading a good story and learning at the same time.