Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Education getting in the way of education!

While I wanted to be able to do more research on the Berlin wall I have found that to be a bit impossible. The school I work for is preparing for a visit to certify us as an IB (International Baccalaureate School. This has involved more fine tuning of our lesson plans. More classes regarding how to teach in an IB school, and preparing for another open house to reach out to potential students for next year. I have my second observation of the year since I am new to the school. In the past eight months I have had three eye surgeries and in two weeks I have my fourth one. Two weeks after that we are moving to a larger house. With all of this going on I have not had time to do any further research. So why am I not doing that right now? It is after nine p.m. and I spent eight hours on a computer today. My mind will not focus for very long. It has taken me twenty minutes to post this. As I end remember that there will be more information on the wall to follow.

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