Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Moving" along

It has been a frustrating past few week. Sorry I had not posted recently. With my latest eye surgery and broken bone it made getting ready for our move extremely difficult. We have moved most of our things. However, mid-move my husbands rear axle started to go out on his truck. He spent all of yesterday working on replacing teh bearings so that we can finish the move. I just got my computer up and running two days ago. Now I preparing for our state's test at my school this week. This is followed by a meeting with my principal to go over my performance this year and to see with all of the budget cuts if I will have a position next year and then that is followed by a meeting with my assistant principal to go over my "Personal Growth and Develpment Plan" for teh year. I am two lessons behind on my 2YN project and have not written a single word on my novel. This is a situation I hope to remedy Sunday. Until then keep on writing.

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