Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother Reader's 48 Hour Book Challenge/Skeleton Creek

Let me start out by giving you a heads up about a 48 hour book challenge. Head on over to Mother Reader at:


Check out the rules and sign up for your own challenge. Challenge yourself. If you are a teacher please support reading by joining us. The challenge starts on Friday, June 5th and ends on the 7th. My students have been helping me pick out books for the challenge. I have another 35 books at home waiting for me to read this summer and another 20 I have ordered that have not yet arrived. I have students who will be following this blog to see how many books I actually read this summer, beginning on the 5th (the last day of school for teacher). I have my family on board supporting me. This was not hard. I am having my fifth and final eye surgery on the 9th. I have told my family that I will need to relax over the weekend to prepare for my surgery. The best way for me to do that is to sit or lay around and read. They have agreed.

Last week I read a fabulous book called Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carmen. This is a great interactive book. Two teens, Ryan and Sarah who have been best of friends for years, check out an old dredge in their town. No one will talk much about it. They can't find much information at the library, and everyone tells them to leave it alone. Like most teens, this is just a bigger reason for them to continue their investigations. When Ryan is injured, their parents forbid them to see each other. Sarah starts the investigation again and emails videos to Ryan. Throughout the book there is a web address for the reader to view her videos. My ESOL students saw me watching one of the videos and asked for the website. I provided them with the website and the passwords for each video. I have a waiting list for the book. Some have asked me if I will keep the list for next year in case they don't get to read it this year.
There are only 15 more days of school left. I am trying to get my students to read as much or choose to read over the summer. I am currently behind five lessons on my two year novel. I spent the weekend working on them. I did the remainder of my research. I have one lesson currently finished and ready to be posted. I should be able to finish the other four by Thursday and be ready for the new one on Friday. It felt so good to get started writing. My daughter and her family are still with us. There has been an extensive delay on the fix up of the place they are to move into. They should be out this Friday. Check back for more good reads and info on my progress on my new novel. Keep reading!

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