Friday, June 5, 2009

48 hour reading challenge

Let the fun begin. I just signed in and have my first four books ready. I am reading 4 by Neal Shusterman: Full Tilt, Downsiders, The Shadow Club and Shadow Club Rising.


  1. Good luck - I'm joining in too later this evening and can't wait to start reading and blogging.

  2. An interesting assortment you've got there. Those Shusterman books should keep your blood pumping.

  3. I love Shusterman. I now own most of his YA books and recommend them to my students. They know when I have a new one because I set it on the chalk tray and after taking attendance I look at them and say, "I've go another winner. I read this one in xxx amount of time? Who wants it first?" I have gotten more kids to read books by doing it this way. I had four years of speed reading in elementary/junior high school up north so I read quickly. They don't know that, they just think if I read it real fast it must have been real good. I say whatever it takes to get kids reading. Now back to my books