Monday, June 22, 2009


I Am Inspired The Beginning" is a book that shows how God will not leave us no matter what we do. Valerie Allen, a minister in her church finds herself having strange cravings. Upon sending her son to the store to make a purchase for one of the cravings he jokingly asks if she is pregnant. She denies this and then wonders. Several pregnancy tests later the truth is revealed. Her one step of God's will created an unplanned pregnancy. Letting her congregation know of her sin had to have been difficult for her. However, she discovered that no sin is too great to cause God to leave us. This book will inspire you to take your problems and situations to God. She leaves no room for you to continue to sin and make excuses. She makes it very clear that we should strive to stay in tune with God's will at all time. God will still take our mess and work it out to glorify him if we let him. I believe the title is very appropriate.

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