Friday, June 26, 2009

Love Waits by Donald James parker

I deal with teenagers facing this problem every school day. As a teacher I wish I had this book to hand to a couple of my students who had made it very clear they were sexually active. I laughed, cried and related to a lot of this book. Donald Parker has taken a very tough subject and put it in a way that is non-confrontational to teens. It shows them a way out. Cheri has moved from a small town to a larger city after her mother's death and her father's promotion. Shortly after starting school she is challenged to change her beliefs about sex before marriage. Her challenger, Judy even offers to hook her up with a guy she knows is a virgin. Cheri almost makes that mistake but on that fateful day she and Duke decide no one should have the right to push them into this decision. Found walking alone with a boy her father finds her a babysitter in her next door neighbor. Jean is a widow and a former flute teacher. She is also a strong Christian. She guides Cheri in her flute lessons and in lessons of the spirit. Cheri begins attending church and she and Duke join a purity class that teaches them about the role of abstinance in their life. Cheri invites Becky, another girl that Judy has constantly ragged on about being a virgin. They along with Tiffany from their church form a strong friendship. When Judy is attacked it is the very people she has verbally attacked that befriend her and lead her to God's love. This book is about teen problems, rape, abortion, sex before marriage for teens and adults, consequences of bad decisions and true friendship. Most importantly it is about the miracles God can work in your life if you let him. The book was full of scripture which I found refreshing but was not preachy at all. This is definately a book I will add to my shelf at school.

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