Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Schools Out..... Well Almost

I don't know who is more excited about the end of school, the students or teachers. For me it is the end of a difficult year. I changed schools this year. I had my second eye surgery two weeks before school started. I wore an eye patch to school for several months. Then I had the third eye surgery scheduled for October and lost my sister the week before. I managed to make it through the surgery only to find that the eyes started doing really funky things which made it necessary for a fourth eye surgery in February. Of course I broke my ankle the week before that surgery. Things started to improve to the point they have scheduled my final eye surgery for next Tuesday the 9th. I have been extremely careful so that I don't enter surgery with any injuries or anything else. My husband and I have been working out on our Bow Flex. He bought it for me two years ago to help me tone up and lose weight. A month after we got it my right shoulder got worse and it was discovered I had a 100% tear of my right rotator cuff which needed surgery. I went through all of the physical therapy etc and had just gotten permission to start using the machine when I started having eye problems. Due to the pressure on my optic nerve I was once again told not to use the machine. I was given the go ahead two weeks ago. I am trying to get as much in as possible before surgery because it may be up to four weeks before I can use it again. I am determined to get this weight off no matter how slow. I gained back all I had lost while in the wheelchair.

I have a student that has a birthday the day before mine. She wrote Happy Birtday to herself on my board today and asked me to leave it up. She said if I would she would read 20 books over the summer. I cut the number down to 10+ books and told her she had to put it in writing and sign it and get her mother to sign it. Then she had to email me and tell me what she was reading and what she enjoyed about the book. It would be awesome if I could get other students motivate to read by something so simple. She is planning to follow me on my journey this summer to read 60+ books. I currently have 115 books in my office to read. I have lost track of how many more I am expecting to arrive in the mail. Somewhere in all of this mess I plan on spending more time writing on my books. I want to rework the first one and get it back out to publishers. The second one is my ghost story, I have a Christian Fiction I am working on, plus I am taking a two year novel course and through it I am working on a Historical Fiction. My husband has given me the outline for what will one day been a dystopian story. So many stories and so little time. It seems the busier I am the more productive. Until later.
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  1. Can't wait to see how many books you get read. :) I bet it will be more than 115!

  2. I am giving it my best shot. So many books....so little time.