Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Take a Chance Challenge Task # 9

For Task #9 I had to do a Poetic Review of a book. I had to write a Haiku, Limerick and Free Verse Poem. I read the book The Big Wave by Pearl S. Buck. Here is my poetic review:

Poetic Review
The Big Wave by Pearl Buck


Village sits on beach.
Jiyas family wiped out.
Rebuilds despite wave.


The fisherment lived next to the ocean
They enjoyed its tranquil, lazy motion
Then one tragic day
They were all wiped away
By a wave that covered them like lotion.

Free Verse

Two childhood friends living in Japan,
One fishes the sea one tills the land.
Volcanoes fears one the sea the other,
They played together as if they were brothers.
The bell tolled loudly the villagers ran,
Jiya ran to Kino’s mountain land.
Families were lost in that giant wave,
Sent to the gods in a watery grave.
Jiya was offered a life that would be grand,
It came from the castle and the old gentleman.
He chose the farm life to live instead,
He grew up and Kino’s sister he wed.
Man and wife made their way to the beach once more,
To a fisherman’s life and the ocean’s soft roar.
Kino’s fear for his family on the beach did grow,
Until Jiya reavealed the great Ocean Window.
Prepared he would be if a wave came again
Their life would be peaceful from now until then.


  1. I just did mine for this challenge and I have to say, I think your poems are totally fantastic! They just blow me away! I can't believe how good you did on the free verse one -- lovely job. And the haiku is goregeous and the limerick manages to be a little bit funny but still serious. This books seems to really suit this challenge! Fantastic job!

  2. I agree with Jenners, those are great poems. I've heard good things about this book.

    I had a blast with this challenge as well. I posted my poems here.

  3. very nice flow to your poems. nicely done. my poetic review is here thanks for stopping by.