Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Grand-daughter Day

This is Haylee at 2 1/2 years of age. She is now 3 1/2 years old. The apple of my eye.
My grand-daughter Haylee spent the night with us last night. I have a cabinet that her great grandfather made us that is full of books for her, yet when she walked in last night she had 8 books with her. She told me that she brought some different books to share with me. The funny thing was I had given her the books for birthdays, Christmas or just because. She always "reads" them to me first and then I read the words to her and she turns the pages. When we got up this morning I could hardly get her to eat her breakfast because we were going to the library. I told her I had to finish my book while she ate breakfast because I had to take it back to the library so she sat very quietly eating while I read the last 20 pages. She carried my little bag into the library and stopped inside and said, "Do you need a book first?" I told her I had to find one and she helped me look for it. Unfortunately it wasn't on the shelf like they said it was. We went into the children's section. We had already agreed that she would play with the toys and puzzles first and then we would look for some books. We went to the board books section and I told her she could take 10 books. She would pull one out and say "I really like this one", eventhough she had never seen it before. In her opinion all books are good. May she not find out for years that there are some that are not. When she pulled out her ninth book there were 2 stuck together. I pointed this out and she said, "I only counted to 9". She then pulled out another book and said , "That makes 10". How can you argue with that logic. She helped me check the books out and then tried to carry the books. The bag was so heavy she could hardly move. She agreed to let me carry the bag but told everyone me met or passed that she was letting me carry her books. We got home and before we left the car I told her we had to eat lunch first and then we would lay in the bed and read the books and take a nap. She was so excited she could hardly eat. We read 8 books and then laid down for the nap. When her mother came she cried. She didn't get to finish teh books. She settled down when I told her that she was spending Friday night with me and we would finish the books and then return them on Saturday. She just wanted to make sure she got to read her books. The first thing she does when she comes into the house is go to the cabinet and pull out several books. They read stories to her when she was still in the womb and I honestly believe that is part of the reason she loves to be read to. For someone who was born 7 1/2 weeks early she is so advanced. She uses big words and if you read a story to her that is older than most 3 year olds would read she asks questions about the words to make sure she understands. Of course it makes me very proud when she tells everyone she is going to be a teacher like her "girlfriend grandma" that is what she has called me since she could talk. She and her parents stayed with us for a month while waiting to get into their home and my mother, who lives with us said Haylee would line her dolls and stuffed animals up and read to them and "teach" them. I told her how cute that was and then she told me that is what I used to do. She also told me I was the same age when I announced I was going to be a teacher when I grew up. Haylee goes to daycare and calls it school. She brings papers in and if I have homework, so does she. I hope everyone is blessed with a grandchild like the one God blessed me with.


  1. What an adorable story. I know she keeps you on your toes! :) Still nothing from Johnson. Keep praying!

  2. Sounds like you and Haylee are both very lucky, Sandra! Thanks for sharing this story. Definitely brightened my day.