Friday, July 10, 2009

Three New Reviews

Constellation Chronicles: The Lost Civilization of Aries by Vincent Lowry

Vincent Lowry has created a science fiction book that held my attention from the very start. This is a book for everyone whether they are Sci-Fi lovers or not. The main character is a young boy named Glenn. His passion is trying to figure out if there is life on other planets. Due to the dog eating the dinner he was to fix for his sister and himself he decides to take his sister out to dinner. Something goes flying past their truck and crashes. They turn around to check it out. Imagine his surprise to discover it is a spacecraft. He and his sister venture inside. When they leave a small creature follows them out and stowsaway in his truck. After creating a mess in the kitchen they capture it just as their father returns. When Glenn tries to return the creature to its spacecraft he runs into not only the military, but an alien race that needs his help.

Too Too Many Tutus by Suzanne Davis Marion

Christina has a problem. She has too many tutus. Each one is special to her and represents a special dance. She has trouble deciding which one to wear to class until her brother makes a suggestion. This was beautifully illustrated and a book that every young dancer or wannabe dancer will love.

The Light, The Dark & The Ember Between by J.W. Nicklaus

This is a collection of fifteen short stories. Nicklaus is a master at taking romantic stories and showing the range of emotions one can reach as they read them. I had three out of the 15 that became my favorites: Requiem for Linny, paper doll and 10:18. This is definitely a book for all.

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