Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Cave - Steve McGill

Publisher: BookSurge, 2008
Pages: 185
ISBN: 978-1-4392-2371-0
Source: Review copy

Ian Pratt loves learning about World War I and is proud that his great-great-grandfather fought in that war, even if he did lose his life in it. He shares those memories with his great-grandfather who lives with his family. He is determined to be brave like his ancestor. He has two goals in his young life to prove his bravery. The first is to find out what is in the old Butterfield Ranch and the second is to actually go into “The Cave”. Many times he has ridden past it but has never had the courage to enter. After a ghostly face enters his room and he sees the face again at the old Butterfield place, Ian decides to gather up his courage and enter the cave. Upon doing so he is thrust into another world. Missing for several hours he wakes up inside the old Butterfield house and walks home. Unable to shake the feeling that he needs to go back, he share the ghostly tale with his friend who agrees to go to the cave with him to see for himself. They find themselves in another world and Ian finds the reason he has been brought there. He must ask himself if he is brave enough to carry out this mission. I loved the book. It is great for middle school students who love a good mystery. I gave it a rating of 5 out of 5. The character’s were well developed. This was more of a plot driven book though. The more you thought you had this figured out the more twists were applied. This will be a good one to share with my students.

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  1. Thanks so much for your review. I'm happy to do interviews, etc. Let me know how it goes with your students!
    By the way, what grade do you teach?

    Take care,
    Steve McGill