Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chasing Yesterday series by Robin Wasserman

Book #1 Awakening (read for 1st in series challenge)

J.D. has absolutely no memory of who she is or where she is. The last things she remembers is a rumbling noise and smoke. She feels like she should know more but it just won't come to her. She is found outside of a building that had exploded. When she is released from the hospital she is sent to a children's home where she meets Daniel. Most of these kids are throw aways. Strange dreams haunt her and when she tries to defend Daniel, something weird happens and it is her fault. Memories of her dreams come back. Is she a danger to herself and others? Suddenly a woman shows up claiming to be her mother. Visits with Dr. Styron seem to be helping her regain her memory. Then things take an evil turn. J.D. discovers that everything she has been led to believe is a lie.

Book #2 Betrayal

Daniel and J.D. are on the run. They don't know where they are going but they have to get away. There are people after J.D. and she isn't sure why. She needs answers and that is what she sets out to find. She has found her answers and the dreams are coming more frequently. Unfortunately the only person she can trust has betrayed her.

Book #3 Truth

J.D. has returned to the Institute. It is time she face her fears and her past. At first it is so easy and she believes what they say. Then her betrayer shows up and puts doubt in her mind. Now she must discover the truth before it is too late.

I love Robin Wasserman's work. I bought the second book in a yard sale and found out it was a trilogy. That meant I had to have them all. They set on my shelf for the entire school year. I decided this would be a great series to read this summer. I am sorry I put it off so long. These were such easy books to read. They definitely held my attention all the way through. I couldn't wait to start the next book in the series to find out what would happen next. This was definately a plot driven book. If asked to describe the characters I would say I thought of a very young Drew Barrymore in the movie "Firestarter" when I though of J.D. and this was based only on her abilities. Daniel and the others came across as being sneaky or wiley but there were no physical descriptions that would really set them apart from any other character. I am not saying this is a negative thing. I am saying that this just made it so much easier to follow the plot because it was plot driven.


  1. These books also sat on my shelf for quite some time. They never made it onto my "must read now" list. One of my 5th graders picked the first one up last spring and raved about it to her friends and I had to end up buying another set of the trilogy so they all could read it before the school year let out!

  2. The whole trilogy is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've read it about three times and i'm still not bored with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. the first book was awesome. I am starting to read the second book!!!! I can not believe what her "mother" did to her!!!

  4. I totally loooovvvee these books once i got started i couldnt put the book down. for school i decided to do a book report on the series and thats how i found this page.... U rock Robin!!!!