Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lori's Song by Lori Foroozandeh

Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Pages: 224
ISBN: ;978-1-4327-1182-5
Source: Reviewers Copy

By the age of 15 Lori was married. Her marriage was an escape from molestation by her brother. More abuse, both sexual, domestic, and drug abuse were to follow in her life.
Remarried to an Iranian Lori left her son behind and traveled to Iran with her husband. The day after 9/11 both she and her husband are trying to leave Iran and are arrested. Separated, she finds herself in a POW camp. It is here she suffers more abuse in the form of torture, rape and starvation. After rescue she has another hurdle to get over. In Iran, a woman can’t travel without her husband’s permission. Since she didn’t know where he was she had to fight their bureaucracy just to return to her country of birth. Once back in the United States she began her long journey, as yet unfinished down the road of healing. What amazed me about this book was the love she still has for the Iranian people. There is no hatred or prejudice toward them, even after what she went through. This was an excellent book and a definite emotional read.


  1. I've read this book on Kindle and it was UNSTOPABLE. A PAGE TURNER, what a book for a new author. Definetly a MUST!
    She has covered so many issues and can relate to so many people that I can't imagine who this book wouldn't touch.

  2. She did a wonderful job, I enjoy her outlook on life it is so positive and I'm so happy she finds true love in the end.