Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I would like to apologize to everyone for not having my guest blogger tonight. I teach an after school program on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 6 p.m. When I got home I opened my bag and realized I had left the review on my desk. I will bring it home with me tomorrow and post it. This is a first for my students. I will be reading 85 books for the Fall Into Reading Challenge. My students all voted and the results were added together and averaged and the number was 85. I have put out a challenge to my fellow students to read as many books as possible during that time, (September 22 - December 20). I have been asked to write something up for our morning news and to write an article for our school newsletter. I am challenging my students as well. A poll of my students today showed that 87% believe I will hit my goal and 3% believe I will exceed it. The other 10% wouldn't take a side either way. I posted my book list on my board today. They noticed that the list had 100 books listed eventhough it only takes 85 to hit my goal. I told them that it was the number of books I currently have on my desk right now. I have approximately 25 more on one of my shelves. I am having total strangers come up to me at school and recommend books to me because they heard I read and review books. This has got several of my students reading more. I would read a thousand books a year if that is what it would take to light a fire under my students.
Remember Keep reading and Keep Blogging!

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