Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Challenging My School

I posted the following on my school email and then wrote up something similar to be read on the morning news.
Challenge and Giveaway
WHAT: Fun Reading Challenge
WHEN: September 22, 2009 – December 20, 2009
WHY: Because Reading Rocks.
Set a personal goal. How many books would you like to read?
If you want in on the Book Giveaway then email me to let me know you are participating. Keep a list of the books read and we will get together in December.

Why did I do this? I told my students about the challenge and they voted and challenged me to read 85 books during this time. This is approximately 7 books a week. I am determined to do this. One thing that will help is that we have Thanksgiving break during this challenge and I will have at least four days to read, read, read. They wanted to know if any of the other teachers were doing this so I decided to invite them. I have 2 who have responded so far. Most make excuses about no time because of lesson plans etc. I have 5 diffferent classes to prepare lesson plans for. I also spend two afternoons a week in our afterschool program. I decided to sweeten the pot and offer teachers books. Right now I have at least 18 that I have reviewed and will be giving away. I plan on purchasing books to giveaway for students who participate. I have none. Most of those that I have reviewed ended up on my shelves for my students. It is a small sacrifice to make to encourage students to read. The closer we get the more excited I get.

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