Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fondest Memory of Blogging

I started my blog in January for my students. I wrote writing prompts or questions hoping they would answer. That never happened. My ESOL (Limited English speakers) weren the only ones who answered. So I started reviewing the books I was reading hoping to get students to follow and find some good books. My blog slowly grew. I had few followers and didn't really care because I was finding some inspiring blogs. I tried to get my fellow teachers to follow me hoping they would find good books to inspire their students. I only had a couple that did and still do. My favorite memory of blogging happened in August. I had returned home from another reading conference where we were told all about the canned, scripted reading program were were forced to use. I was so upset that I finally decided to vent about it. I had talked to the other teachers at the conference and found no support. They liked the program because it was a no brainer and they had to do nothing. However, the support I received from book bloggers was overwhelming. A few of them were or still are teachers and understood the pain felt when your hands are tied by a school district. I was inspired to do what I know is best for my students to make them readers, (I teach intensive reading). The support from people who were total strangers made me realize that we are actually an extended family. This is one family I want to continue to grow. I thank the bloggers out there that value reading the way they do. I know I would still be frustrated if I had not stumbled upon this family.

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  1. I'm glad that the online support helped, Sandra. One thing I've learned since I've been blogging is that just because a community is virtual, that doesn't mean it's not a real community. I'm happy to be part of your extended family!