Monday, September 7, 2009

The Lightning Chronicles: Distant Thunder

Author: Jimmy Root,Jr.
Publisher: American Book Publishing
Pages: 322
ISBN: 978-1-58982-553-6
Source: Author in exchange for a review
Genre: Thriller/Action
As a Christian I love a book that is fiction, yet based on the Bible and current events. As much as I loved reading the Left Behind Series, Jimmy Root's book Distant Thunder topped those. I am anxiously waiting to read the second book "A Gathering Storm". I enjoyed this book for many reasons. It starts out with the prophet Ezekiel being strongly nudged by God to go to those who think he is already insane and pass along God's word. I thought to myself that I don't know if I would have his courage and stamina to do what he did. It showed his human side. His feelings about not wanting to appear insane yet his willingness to do God's bidding. From the set up of Ezekiel, which is the background context for this book we are taken to modern day. We view the lives of three very different factions. First there is Ty, the preacher in Missouri who has more or less gone along with the status quo when preaching feel good messages. When his brother is killed in battle God starts dealing with him. His preaching is beginning to step on some toes. We see the way God works in his life when he brings the woman he has prepared for him into his life. She is his prayer warrior during the troubling times ahead. We enter the life of Moshe Eldan a military man in Israel. His wife has become a believer. I think one thing I really enjoyed about his character was the fact that it was made clear that he had not enveloped his own Jewish beliefs which left him open to his wife's example. The story didn't end with this wonderful and explosive conversion that we read about in so many books. It was real to life. His struggles physically, emotionally and spiritually left you wanting to read more. Finally we enter the life of men like Hamid, Yaed, and the cab driver who consider all American's, Jews and anyone else who are not followers of Islam to be infidels. We are brought along on their journey to meet Allah by carrying out what they believe they were born to carry out.

This book held my attention from the first page. Especially since I was able to see so many correlations between what is happening in our own lives with what was being told in the book and backed up by scripture. It was a powerful book. It in no way put down anyone of any religious beliefs. It brought out their beliefs and how they came to those beliefs. I was very impressed. However, as a Christian and an American I believe we need to stand up for our own rights and stop letting them be trampled on. I felt this book motivated me to take a look at my own life, including my prayer life and ask myself some very important questions. I would definitely recommend this book to all of my friends.

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