Sunday, September 27, 2009

Plain Promise by Beth Wiseman Review for Thomas Nelson

I enjoyed this book. It was after I read it that I realized it was the third book in a series. I will definitely have to get the first two and read them. Sadie belongs to the old order Amish. She is a widow and has been writing to Milo, an Amish man in Texas. She waits for his phone call each Tuesday. She thinks and hopes that he is the one God is sending her way. Then her world is turned upside down by the entrance of Kade.. He is trying to get away from the rat race called life. He has rented the small cottage on Sadie’s property. It has electricity unlike her place. Unfamiliar with the Amish ways he makes several blunders when trying to be friendly to Sadie. The two begin to build a friendship when Kade’s estranged wife drops their autistic son off so that she can run off and get married. Kade has to adjust to a life with his son Tyler. As time goes on he finds his way back to God and a peacefulness begins to fill his life. His feelings toward Sadie begin to change and his relationship with Tyler changes into something he could only dream about. This story is full of lessons of hope, love and perseverance. The promises that we receive from God if we are only willing to stop, listen and let him guide us. I am finding that I love stories of the Amish. At first I thought it was because I live in an area full of Mennonite and Amish. I finally realized that so much of their lives remind me of my simple upbringing on a farm in Indiana. A time I love to remember. A time that was far from the rat race of life. It was a time in my life when my parents taught me to rely on God for everything. I have so many friends that need to read this book simply because I know that they will love the messages within.

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  1. I love books with an Amish setting. Even though many of them talk about the same challenges of modern people in the Amish world, I can't get enough of them!