Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reading: Where Has all the Fun Gone

Daphne at The Places You Will Go asked where has all the fun gone in reading. Check out her blog. As some of you recently read in my post in August where I vented about the fate of reading this is an ongoing problem. As long as we have programs that are scripted and take the fun out of reading, and as long as we don't teach children how to choose books that they might love then they will never find fun in reading. I have been telling my students all week that I would love it if they all suddenly learned to love reading. I know that only a handful will cross that line. However, since they are our future I want them to be able to understand what they read and make important connections to their world around them. They will never make those connections if parents and others in their lives don't teach them to value reading. Ask yourself the following question. What can I do to help a child learn how valuable reading is? If we have parents who don't care maybe it is up to those of us who value reading to do the caring.

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