Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two cute children's books

Stop It! By Sally O. Lee
Publisher: Lee Publishing
Source: Review copy from publisher

What do you do with a bully? Do you run? Do you cry? Anabel loves to dress up in her mother's clothes and dance around the house with her cat Lulubell. George is her brother and he is a bully. When George is mean to Lulubell, Anabel steps in and stops the bullying. She doesn't stop there, she goes the next step to make George feel good about himself. What wonderful lessons to be taught to our children. Sally O. Lee has done it again. She has given us a simple book with a valuable message tied up so our youngest can understand and learn from it.

Jack’s Dreams Come to Life
Publisher: Booksurge
Source: Review copy from publisher

Jack is no longer a puppy. Instead of playing with the puppies on the ranch he lays down for a nap. He dreams he is chasing a squirrel. As he is trying to dig the squirrel out of its hole the hole gets bigger and so does the squirrel. He runs away only to fall down a hole and land in his box of squeak toys. All of his toys start moving and growing. When Jack escapes from his toys he wakes up and checks his toys to make sure they are all normal sized. This kind of reminded me of an Alice in Wonderland for dogs. read it to my grand-daughter who is 3 1/2. She was not frightened like I thought she might be. Instead she said the animals got big because he was mean to them. I can see that it might be scary for some. My grand-daughter kind of looks at things different than most kids. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and sharing it with Haylee and I know she did as well.

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