Monday, December 21, 2009

Living it Up to Live it Down - Ronica Stromberg

Publisher: Royal Fireworks Press
Source: PDF version from publisher

While this is a review for Cybils, the opinions expressed here are mine alone and have nothing to do with any of the other reviewers or the Cybils.

Living It Up to Live It Down was a wonderful book. Kirstin has moved to a new town after her parents divorced. She is a new Christian and has prayed for a new Christian friend who will help strengthen her walk with the Lord. She finds Sarah, the daughter of a local preacher and who she thinks is the answer to her prayers. As their friendship develops she finds that Sarah is leading a double life and all she can do is pray for her. I loved this book because I could identify with Sarah. When my mother and father became new Christians my mother was so afraid of doing something wrong that she declared so many things a sin. Dancing was high on that list. Every young girl likes to pretend they are a ballerina but in my mom's eyes that was a sin. So was any board game that had dice, because at one point in her life she had used dice to shoot craps. She had been a smoker for years and quit cold turkey. If a show on TV had a curse word in it then the TV was shut off. I used to tell her she was so heavenly minded back then that she was no earthly good. As she grew in her walk with the Lord she lightened up some. My teen years were some of the most rebellious of my life. I was a lot like Sarah. I think this is a good book for any teen not only because of the Christian message but also because it addresses what happens when we make decisions without considering the consequences. I really enjoyed this book.


  1. It sounds like an interesting story about a girl trying to fully embrace her new faith, but being forced to see that things are not as black and white as she might wish.

  2. A lot can be learned from the Pharisees. It's hard to graciously accept grace. We want to do something to earn our salvation (Jesus +).