Thursday, December 31, 2009

One More Challenge for 2010 and update on two for 2009

MizB's Reading Challenges is hosting the TBR (To Be Read Challenge)

Here are the instructions for her challenge.

** Pick 12 books – one for each month of the year - that you’ve been wanting to read (that have been on your “To Be Read” list) for 6 months or longer, but haven’t gotten around to.

** OPTIONAL: Create a list of 12 “Alternates” (books you could substitute for your challenge books, given that a particular one doesn’t grab you at the time)

** Then, starting January 1, read one of these books from your list each month, ending December 31. )

For more information, and to sign up please read the challenge FAQs on her site.


1. Go Big or Go Home - Will Hobbs
2. Eyes of Kid Midas - Neal Shusterman
3. Exoduds - Julie Bertagna
4. Dark Hills Divide - Patrick Carman
5. Tenth City - Patrick Carman
6. Speeding Bullet - Neal Shusterman
7. Time For Andrew - Mary Downing Hahn 
8. Dragon Slipperes - Jessica Day George
9. Runaway - Wendelin Van Draanen
10. Deadline - Chris Crutcher
11. Misadventures of Maude March - Audrey Couloumbis
12. Maude March on the Run - Audrey Couloumbis

Alternate List

1. Seal of Solomon - Rick Yancey
2. First Light - Rebecca stead
3. Smiles to Go - Jerry Spinelli
4. Book of Time - Guillaume Prevost
5. Gate of Days - Guillaume Prevost
6. Disney at Dawn - Ridley Pearson
7. Out of Patience - Brian Meehl
8. Schooled - Gordon Korman
9. The Diamond of Darkhold - Jeanne DuPrau
10. Darkside - Tom Becker
11. Chasing Lincoln's Killer - James L. Swanson
12. North of Beautiful - Justin Chen Headley

Update on 2 other challenges for 2009. I participated in J. Kaye's 1st in Series Challenge and 2nds Challenge. I was unable to complete these challenges as I worked up until the 25th reading books for Cybils. These happened to be the only two Challenges I did not finish. I feel very good abut all of this because I started my very first reading challenge in June and joined the others after that. I feel I accomplished a lot in 2009. I don't have an exact count but I know that I read close to 300 books if not more. I look forward to the challenges I have entered in 2010 because they are geared to getting my TBR pile down. I hope to purchase very few books until I have most of these gone. I also plan on working more on my writing. This is my last post for 2009 and I have enjoyed all of this. See you in the new year

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  1. Happy New Years!

    Didn't finish two challenges? Good for you! I DNF almost half.