Monday, January 11, 2010

Comments Challenge

This school week is all screwed up. We have our next batch of district writing tomorrow which means a screwed up and shortened schedule. Once school is out I tutor for the state test for another hour and then we have our open house for incoming 5th graders. Wednesday is our normal short day and the day we grade all of those essays. I am trying to finish two books because I have students who are waiting to read them. I got home late because Monday's and Friday's I teach an after school sewing class so that by the time I get home I have put in 12 hours. I did take time to check out some blogs and this is what I have come up with . Please click on their Blog titles to be taken to their site. Check them out. There is something here for everyone.

I first stopped off at Write About Now and spent some time visiting Sherrie Peterson’s site. It is great to find someone who writes. I read, review and blog about books. However I am working hard at becoming a published author. She has some great information about critique groups and some terrific author interviews. Check out her site.

My next stop was Wild About Nature where I met the Wild About Writing Trio: Heidi Bee Roemer, Kim Hutmacher, Laura Crawford . These three ladies are teachers, bloggers, and writers. They write and review children’s pictures books. I admire them for seeing a gap in education and filling it with wonderful books. I often see teachers change plans because they can’t find a book to go along with it. These three stepped out of the box and created the books. Kudos to the three of you.
Author Mitali Perkins is the owner Mitali’s Fire Escape. Her insight into multicultural books is wonderful. Check out her list of MG and YA books that cross the cultural barrier. This post about her site may seem small so let me just say that you must check out her site.

My fourth stop of the evening was Best Book I have Not Read. Kristine is also in the field of education. She has stepped out of the classroom teacher role and taken a job working for and with her district. Like many bloggers, myself included she has a stack of books that seems to be ever growing that she finally has to let students have a chance at. I have actually had to bring some books in this year and let my students read them before me because I have not been able to get to all of them. If only I didn’t have this book addiction.

Reading at the Beach has it all, reviews, photos, fitness, and recipes. She has something for everyone. Okay so I liked her reviews and thought I would follow her. Then I checked out her recipes and it was a done deal. The seven layer cookie bars and the Amish Mashed Potato Candy did me in. Can’t wait for my husband to make both. Yes I did say my husband. After all he and our daughter are trying to open a bakery.

Six Teaching Authors is the site of six teachers and authors who have formed a site to help those of us who aspire to become published authors. The one thing I really enjoyed was the post that asked you to write down your New Years Writing Resolution. I want to formally announce mine. “Find the passion in writing daily.” Somewhere I got bogged down in a writing class I was taking , with the outlining process. It really has helped me but I hit a snag and fell behind and felt like I had lost the passion for the story. When Christmas break came and I had time from school I suddenly found the passion again. Not only have I been working on my second book but I have been feverishly editing and revising the first book. I want to start sending it out again in February. This site has definitely given me the boost up. I thank them for that. It helps that they are teachers first like myself. It makes me feel like I can became a published author as well.


  1. January is a screwed up month for me too. This week professional development, next week Martin Luther King's birthday. last week snow days didn't help either. Hope the week isn't too stressful and you get some reading done.

  2. Sandra,
    I'm so glad you found our TeachingAuthors blog, and I'm THRILLED to read that you've reclaimed your writing passion! Good luck with your resolution. You can do it!

  3. Sandra, I'm doing the challenge too--so great to to see lots of different blogs. I love your resolution. Mine was: Write. Create. Revise. Complete. Enjoy. Repeat. But I think maintaining passion for writing every day is critical too. It's so hard to carry on when you can't remember why you started a story. Good luck with your resolution!