Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday's Comment Challenge

L.H. Walker talks about mothering, teaching, writing and a lot of other things. She is absolutely hilarious. Check out her sidebar links to her writing. You will split your side laughing. I really enjoyed her site.

Live, Love, Explore with Irene Latham is a wonderful site if you have dreams of becoming a published author. She is the author of “Leaving Gees Bend”. I absolutely loved her ‘Author ABC’s’ in her sidebar. This is a site that would be beneficial to all who are serious about their writing.
I am not really sure what to say about the Cuppa Jolie site. She is a writer. Her first few posts dealt with eating a bug. I didn’t know whether to laugh hysterically or cringe. The idea of eating a bug is so gross for me. I tried to watch the bug chef and the minute he removed the tarantula abdomen I was done. Her writing prompts however are awesome. I say check her out.

I stopped by Alison’s Bookmarks to check out her site. She is temporarily experiencing technical difficulties. The mad cat she has at the top of her blog makes this clear. I loved the pic. I laughed when she talked about using her kids computer to post to her blog. Neither party seemed happy with the situation. I look forward to going back again and following up on that post.
Sweet Reads is a very sweet site. She not only reviews books but she puts up recipes she finds. She loves to combine both. Yummy books and yummy food all in one place..

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