Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday's Comment Challenge

Laura from Reading and Rooibos reads and reviews all types of books. Her most recent post was ‘The Hate List’ by Jennifer Brown. Something I really enjoyed by this was that she made a personal connection to the book. As a remedial reading teacher, the one thing I have my students include on their book reviews is some connection they have made to something in their life, a book or movie they have read, etcetera. There is something else that will bring me back to her blog time and again. She has a post called ‘Unsung YAs: YA Books You May Have Missed . I was happy to read this post. She is right when she says that so often we read only about the most popular books. Pop over and check her site out.
Check out Robin’s site ‘The Booknosher’. She is another one who reads and reviews an assortment of books. The fact that she started her blog to share her love of books with others is one of the reasons I started mine. I love finding people with whom I share common things. I can’t keep bookmarking all of the sites I visit so I have started a list of book blogs and have scheduled a time to check them at least once a week. In this way I will be able to find that just right book for a student, or an adult friend or more importantly my granddaughter.

Do you need some tips for getting kids to read? Need some suggestions for your classroom? Need some new books and an idea of how you can use them to motivate kids everywhere? Stop over at the ‘Reading Countess’ blog and find what you are looking for.

Check out Three Turtles and Their Pet Librarian for some awesome book recommendations. Be sure you read the blurb under the blog title so you know that Ami is the pet librarian who takes care of the turtles who actually do all of the work.

Dreadful Penny is a middle school librarian who has chosen to write most of her reviews on Goodreads. For those not familiar with it, Goodreads is a place to catalog your books and also a place to write reviews that can be shared with others. Stop by and say hi to her. Check out her books on Goodreads.


  1. Thank you so much for these links. I'm getting ready to do the Book Fair at my kids' school and it's great to see summaries of book review sites to pass on to other parents and for me!

  2. Hi Sandra, I'm so flattered you took the time to mention my blog in your post! Thank you so much for your kindness. :) I'm really enjoying your summaries of other book bloggers' sites as well. Each day I find my Google Reader growing with new thoughts and ideas!