Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday's Comment Challenge

I have been receiving email about giving a little blurb on the blogs I am visiting. As far as I am concerned the whole idea behind the challenge was to find other blogs we might not have found in the past. Having said that I think it would be a crime to visit that site and look only at the first post and leave a comment on it having never check out anything else that had been posted. I thank the parties involved in setting up this challenge.

Reading in Color promotes the reading and publishing of books by people of color. I believe our shelves are not well rounded if we don’t have representation of all. As a teacher I am constantly looking for books that will reach all of my students. Stop by and check out her site.

Lisa at The Tao of Webfoot” is a writer and a landscaper. Not only does she have information about landscaping and beautiful pictures to go along with it, but she uses her knowledge of plants and landscaping to teach lessons of writing. A very lovely site you must visit.

Marg of Reading Adventures is definitely an avid reader. If you check her sidebar you will see she has an A-Z Index of books she has read. From what I saw it looks like most of the books she reads and reviews are adult books. A good source for those who like me read mostly YA and occasionally want to read a good adult book.
Liz Scanlon is a mother, teacher, and author of children’s books. Her posts about her life, her children and reading with her children are delightful. Reading how her children respond to books is uplifting. Knowing her children inspire her to write is priceless.
Michelle of Galley Smith has a very cute blog. When I check out someone’s site I don’t just read the first post and then leave. The first post may not really interest me. It was her January 10th post that excited me. I have bought a few graphic novels for my students. I have never really cared for them. I am not really sure why. I think this is something you either do or don’t like. HOWEVER, she reviewed a book by author Shaun Tan called the arrival, “a family’s tale of immigration” and I decided it was worth me taking a look at. I have put it on my TBR pile. I even went so far as to check my library’s catalogue system to see if they have it then put it on my Library list of books to check out.


  1. Oh, I love that you have been doing this! When the comment challenge first started I was going through the list of participants, but quickly learned I could be lazy and just look at your summaries each day:) I have added several blogs to those I follow after clicking on your links. Thanks!

  2. Wow, thanks for the plug. What a great idea to post a detailed list of the blogs you've been visiting in the challenge. I'm a once-a-week blogger, so it's been a struggle for me to find the time to dedicate to this, but I'm proud to say I've averaged at least 5 comments each day. :)