Thursday, January 7, 2010

Three Really Great Reads

Yesterday’s Embers - Deborah Raney
Publisher: Howard Books
Pages: 400
Source: Review copy

I have to say this book made me think about a friend I had several years ago. She had breast cancer and three young children. She kept pushing her husband toward a neighbor woman. She was very clear in what she wanted. Six months after her death, her husband and friend marry, blending their two families. This caused a lot of controversy. The book was about Doug DeVore a man who loses his wife and one of his children in an accident. Through this terrible ordeal Mickey Valdez, the day care worker for three of his five surviving children helps him out. After only three months they get married. This is a very emotional read. The story does not short change the reader. Issues arise in the rushed marriage that must be dealt with. This was a new author for me and one whose works I will look for.

Emmy’s Equal – Marcia Gruver
Publisher – Barbour Books
Pages: 319
Source: Goodreads review copy from publisher

Let me start by saying I don’t usually like romance stories. This was one of many I have read recently that was not all mushy-gooey. When Aunt Bertha decides to check out cattle ranching in Texas, Emmy’s parents decide to go with her and they are dragging Emmy along with them. Upon arrivl, Emmy finds herself being admired by handsome Diego Marcel, the foreman of the ranch and the ranch owner’s son Cuddy Rawson. Emmy finds herself in a situation full of jealousy. Only one man can win. I enjoyed this book very much and look forward to reading more by this author.

It’s in the Eyes – Charlers N. Toftoy
Publisher: Outskirt Press
Pages: 324
Source: Review copy

Finally, a real page turner. Charles Toftoy has crafted a story so good I couldn’t put the book down. As a reviewer of young adult books, I had decided to start reading some adult novels to stretch myself. I was not disappointed with this one. We start off with a murder. This is just one of many that has plagued university women living in the D.C. area. Enter Professor Lars Neilsen and hi steam. It is their job to try to make sense of all of the clues and help stop this violent person. As I read the book I thought about one of my favorite television shows, “Criminal Minds”. I enjoy watching the profilers peek into the minds of the victims and the criminals. Tofstoy did an excellent job of doing the same thing. I sat and read this over several hours unable, or unwilling to put the book down. The twists and turns in the book were pleasant surprises that kept me on my toes.

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  1. All these books sound really good. I enjoyed your excellent, concise reviews.