Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday's Comment Challenge

Finding Wonderland is a wonderful site. It is run by a couple of writers. They review books, life and anything in general. It is a place you can find out what is going on in the KidLitosphere. Well worth checking out.

Amused By Books is a fitting title for this blog. She reviews everything from the most serious books to one she received as a gift on making mixed drinks. He reviews are upbeat and as usual I found a couple of books I had not read and have added to my list.

The Happy Nappy Bookseller does something a little different. After much deliberation she decided to mark her books in a different color if they were written by someone of color or had a character of color. For those who participate in challenges where they try to read more books by authors of color this is the site for you. Unfortunately if you are a book addict like myself you may want to run the other way. The list of books broken down into adult, YA, MG, etc is almost overpowering. I swear, my pencil and I barely got out of the site with our lives. Unfortunately I will be drawn back in on occasion because my finger had a mind of its own and bookmarked the site to make sure we can visit often. Great site. Must visit.

I thought I read a lot until I checked out “Bookworming in the 21st Century”. I would love to have the time to read like that. It seems like when I do finally think I will have the time that something pops up. Check out what she is reading. You may find that special book you haven’t read yet.

The O.W.L.” stands for Outrageously Wonderful Literature From the Middle Grades
This is a very cute looking site. But as we all know it isn’t about how the site looks. It is all about the books. This is a wonderful site for anyone looking for Middle Grade books and Young Adult Books. I felt like I had met a kindred spirit. I also teach middle school students, most who don’t really like to read. I found a whole lot of books that many of my students might be interested in. I am happy to have found this site and bookmarked it.


  1. I found the OWL (and you) through the comment challenge. So nice to "meet" others this way.