Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Code of Destiny and The Code of Dignity

The Code of Destiny – Sara Enochs
Publisher:  iUniverse
Pages: 297

Source:  Review copy from Publisher

Ava Ballantyne has a gift that she has inherited. She is not allowed to talk about it. People are very interested in learning about the gift, especially a certain CIA agent. Ava needs to make sure her gift doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. She sets all of her expectations for herself high. For this reason when she becomes a first time mother she feels like a failure. I laughed because I think every first time mother feels that way, especially if they grow up where there are no babies in the house. Ava has a tendency to drift in and out of day dreams and this was a little confusing fore me. I wasn’t always sure if what I was reading was just a dream or real. I enjoyed it enough to read the sequel.

The Code of Dignity – Sara Enochs
Publisher:  iUniverse
Pages:  246
Source:  Review Copy from publisher

In the second book Ava and Shelby hear that their son Eli is autistic. He understands them but doesn’t speak. Ava gives birth to another boy and later tells her mother that a therapist believe Eli is telepathic. Her mother confirms that both of Ava’s boys as well as Ava are telepathic. This takes their lives down a different path and places them in danger. I was disappointed to learn that Ava’s husband more or less sold her father out to the government yet thought it funny that when he admits it to his father-in-law his father-in-law knew it was still in control of things. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.

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