Sunday, February 28, 2010

Facing Terror by Carrie McDonnall

Publisher:  Thomas Nelson, 2005
Pages:  235
Source:  Loaned to me by my mother

My mother has been after me to read this book ever since she first got it.  Every day she would tell me something new.  Thursday evening she laid the book on my stand and said she was finished.  I picked it up last night and began to read it and could hardly put it down.  Carrie McDonnall had visited my mother's church and that is where my mother purchased her copy.  Carrie started her life as a journeyman missionary in Israel.  Her husband David started his life as a journeyman missionary in Sudan.  They met in Israel and their relationship slowly built from their.  This book is not just about their life together, although that was short.  It is not just about the tragedy that took David and three of her friends from her.  This is the story of living her life for Christ in all its fullness.  It made me ask myself if I was doing all I could in my faith and walk with God.  Could I stand in her shoes and handle things the way she has?  I was not called to do that.  I have not been asked to serve in another country but in schools right here in America.  These at times are just as dangerous as the countries Carrie and David served in.    Many will hear her story and declare them nuts or even suicidal for going to Iraq after 9/11.  You go where you are called.  This story was one of true love.  Love of the purest kind for God and each other, but more importantly the love and devotion they gave to the people in other countries.  Their jobs were not to go out and preach.  Carrie cleaned toilets and scrubbed floors for two years for an orphanage.  Her home for those two years was the front 1/3 of a shipping container.  The next time I meet someone who does not believe like I do or has different cultural ideals I will try to look at them through their eyes and with a little more love.  This was an awesome book.  I am so glad my mother allowed me to read it and I definitely recommend it to others.


  1. I was fortunate to hear her testimony at my church here in North Carolina. I just received a copy of her book. Looking forward to hearing more.

  2. I can't even imagine what she went through. I wish I'd known about her visit so I could have visited my mother's church that morning.