Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Plastic by Sarah N. Harvey

Plastic by Sarah N. Harvey

Orca Book Publishers, 2010

I received this ARC as an e-book from the publisher.

The following summary is taken from the book.
"When his best friend Leah decides to have plastic surgery for her sixteenth birthday, Jack is horrified—and then determined to stop her. Researching the surgery and the results, he finds that there are unscrupulous surgeons operating on the very young, and no one does anything about it. Jack organizes a protest and becomes an instant celebrity. But when someone else takes up the cause and the protests turns violent, Jack is forced to make some tough decisions."

This is a book every teenager, especially girls, should read. In a time when our society places so much emphasis on appearances, we see teenagers making decisions about their bodies that could have catastrophic outcomes.

Jack has many obsessions. He keeps track of them in notebooks. His newest obsession? Boobs. When his best friend in the world decides to have a breast augmentation, also known as a “boob job”, Jack steps in to try to change her mind. The problem is he may just lose her as a friend. In a time when standing up for what you believe to be right is not so popular, Josh has to make a tough decision no matter what the consequences. He knows he won’t be popular. Doing the right thing is never popular. But, if he can save his friend from doctors who only care about the almighty dollar then it is worth it.

This was a very quick and eye opening read. I wondered how many other teens would stand up and be counted in an unpopular subject like teen plastic surgery? I can’t wait for this to come out in book form to put it on my shelves at school.


  1. I need to know what the Genre is for a school project could you help me out and post it? If so thanks.

  2. it's not josh it's jack you see third paragraph6 sentence you put josh not jack that is wrong