Sunday, April 11, 2010

Crazy in the Cockpit by Randy Blume

I have had little time for reading lately due to school quickly coming to an end.  With  several tests  coming up, end of the year parent programs and classes for me starting I've had to curtail some of my reading.  This is gut wrenching for a book addict.  I did manage to finish one of two books for the "Take Another Chance Reading Challenge".  I read Crazy in the Cockpit by Randy Blume.  Randy is the daughter of Judy Blume.  The challenge was for me to read books by two people in the same family.  Today I will be reviewing Randy's Book.  I will be reviewing "Just As Long As We're Together by Judy Blume next.

DK Publishing, 1999
Pages 246

Crazy in the Cockpit is a novel by Randy Blume, who is an experience pilot.  She introduces us to her protagonist Kendra, an aspiring journalist.  Kendra is given the assignment of investigating the truth in advertising.  She find an ad that reads, "Anyone can be a pilot for $20".  She didn't intend going up in the plan, but after all it is for the story.  Given the controls of the plane she realizes she will never be a journalist.  Her dream is to become a Pilot.  The story mirrors Randy's own struggle to enter the male-dominated world of pilots.  In the story Kendra must battle her mother's constant negative remarks about her flying, in the hopes she will change her mind.  She must also put up with sexual harrassment, sexual discrimination and other problems that faced the first women pilots.  This was a very quick read.  I thought at first it would be dry, but I was wrong.  Randy's sense of humor shows through in her writing. Discussing practical jokes that are played while in the cockpit as a way of welcoming her, to discussing the passengers who all came down with diarrhea on what they termed the "cursed flight".  It was all handled splendidly.   The motivation behind this book was the fact that as a woman entering this male dominated world, she never got so discouraged she gave up.  It was definitely well worth the read.

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