Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just As Long As We're Together - Judy Blume

Publisher:  Bantam
Pages:  296
Source:  Library

Stephanie and Rachel have been best friends forever.  When Allison moves in their relationship changes.  Stephanie convinces Rachel that they can all three be best friends.  Then school starts.  Rachel finds out she is in advanced classes and Stephanie and Allison have most of their classes together.  Middle school is a confusing time for all teens, but when best friends start hiding things from each other, friendships can quickly disentigrate.  Stephanie learns the truth about her father but doesn't tell  her friends.  Rachel is placed in 9th grade math but doesn't tell her friend.  When Allison, whose mother is an actress finds out what she decides is terrible news in her family she hides her true feelings from her friends.  Things go from bad to worse until something has to give.  Will it be their friendship? 

In true Judy Blume style she tackles a subject that teens can identify with.  I wish I had read this book when I was in middle school.  It was such a tough time to get through.  This should be a must read for all teen girls.

This book was part of the "Take Another Chance Challenge" reading challenge.  I was to read and review two books written  by members of the same family.  My first book reviewed a few days ago was "Crazy in the Cockpit" by Randy Blume, the daughter of Judy Blume.

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